InterContinental Steak House

The InterContinental Steak House in Tsim Sha Tsui has been dishing out exquisite prime cuts of steak for numerous years. 1-Michelin Star STEAK HOUSE winebar + grill is literally a meat heaven for hungry carnivores (like myself!) Its been a while since I went sooooo ….whoopsie if I can’t describe these as well!


Hello readers! :D Goal for the year…Write more in 2014 (have you read my BEST of 2014 post yet?)….I definitely was a lot more chill last year. But you’ll be seeing a lot more of this lovely blog of mine! ;)

IMG_5822 start the night!


A whole array of salts, seasoning, sauces to drizzle on top of your food! The truth is, the food is already well seasoned! Definitely don’t need much of anything!


LOBSTER BISQUE TRUFFLE GRISSINI $195. This was delicious. I remember my first time coming here. I absolutely LOVED it.. the milky, savoury, and sweet plump lobster meat made this bisque fragrant and flavourful.


BLUE MARLIN & AI TUNA TARTARE WITH AVOCADO & APPLE $348 This blue marlin and ai tuna tartare was smooth, fresh and made sweet from the avocado and apple base.


BAKED MACARONI CHEESE $98 (Sorry about the blurriness of this pic!) The baked mac and cheese was slightly burned on the top for a nice crispy, crunchy cheesy top! We barely dented this dish though! Toooooo much food.


PETIT FILET MIGNON USDA NATURAL BEEF 8OZ / 220G $798. This petit filet mignon was absolutely beautiful. Masterfully grilled on the outside and perfectly pink and rare in the inside. Each slice was tender, juicy and absolutely worth it! <3 I love steak.


Which sauce, mustard to use!??!?!


CREAMED SPINACH $98 Ooooh, one of my favourite sides from steakhouses.


STEAMED ASPARAGUS WITH HOLLANDAISE $98 (We had to have some veggies! Nice, big and juicy!)

The Steak House winebar + Grill, LG, InterContinental Hong Kong, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2313 2323

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<3 Always, Jess

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Hing Kee

Hing Kee!!! 興記! This is an old post, but definitely a goodie! After an afternoon of shopping and eating with the sis! We ventured into the very famous and busy 興記 establishment! They’re located upstairs in a blink and walk and you’ll miss it type of place. The space was CROWDED….even at 5:40pm…But somehow we managed to snag a table (as long as could vacate the table before 7pm!)


We ordered this refreshing papaya water juice, to help cleanse your palette and to offset the seafood (they’re famous for their seafood as well as…….what we came for……)


The very famous Roasted duck leg in duck soup with flat rice noodle! OMG….


Now lets zoom in….This flavourful soup broth has all the delicious roast duck flavours already infused within. I savoured every bite of the tender and juicy duck leg (making sure I ate every bit of the slightly crunchy skin)…I polished off the smooth and silky flat rice noodles almost as quickly as downing the flavourful soup base!!! We wanted to eat another bowl…I think we DID order another! It was TOOOOOO good.


We thought we pointed at the clams in XO sauce- but when our order came out…we ordered the wrong clams. Not that it was bad! But after slurping that entire bowl of duck noodle soup- no soup base would or could taste that good! This is a HUGEEEEE portion.


Chinese Kale!!!! :D We needed some vegetables. ;)


Great sister date!! ;) Lets go back, jie!!!

Hing Kee, 興記, 1/Floor Bowa House, 180 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui/Jordan, Hong Kong

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<3 Always, Jess


Qian Guan

When the weather gets cooler, cold. We start piling on our winter gear, big scarves, chunky sweaters and layer it on with a nice puffy jacket. One good thing about the blistering cold? Well….its the fact we can dig into HOT POT!!!! Hot Pot season is FINALLY upon us….and you guessed it….its one of my fave things. Period. Qian Guan, 黔館, is the newest hip, fun, casual establishment that serves up this comforting Hot Pot, along with the most delicious spicy/hot/malay dishes. The dishes are SUPERB. Its traditional Guizhou food. Quan Guan is the very first and ONLY Guizhou inspired restaurant in Hong Kong. Thank you for coming to HK, because the food is that good. The price is VERY good too, very reasonably priced/cheaper for the quality and amount of food you get. The space is very casual, good for fast and easy dining- but there’s also a special private dining room, for your family, friends and you to dine in! :)

I was lucky enough to be invited to go their grand opening as well as their VIP tasting event!

The food is fresh, tasty and SPIC-ay!!!! For all those spicy lovers out there- COME HERE!!!!!
炸酥肉 ($38) burning Malay taste but somehow wasn’t the bit spicy. Very tender pork 豬腩肉. Each bite bursted with intense Malay spices, but wasn’t hot or spicy! Loved this dish. It was barely oily! LOVE THAT.
火焰牛肉 ($78) Sizzling Beef plate, is a great photo opt! It comes out on a sizzling hot plate. The beef is perfectly seasoned and packs a punch. Each pepper is tasty and delightful! The beef is so soft, moist and tender! Yum.
Hot Pot set! The wagyu beef is so lean but marbled with the perfect amount of fat! The tender back of the pork (soooooo soft), and fresh pork and vegetable dumplings! I like their pretty take on this!
Beef! Perfect amount of fat, meat and marbling…Its so juicy and smooth!!!
This is the from the back of the pig, which is also the most tender part!
Loved the jucy-ness of the dumplings! When they’re cooked theirs a lot of overflowing juice in each dumpling. Slurp, slurp!
Fresh veggies to add in!
酦湯魚($238) AMAZING! Guizhou Fish Hot Pot! This hot pot…was so darn good. The soup base is thick and flavourful, with lots of spices and green onions, onions, cilantro to bring out the flavours. The fish meat is so slippery and tender- its delicious!! Perfect execution and cooking.
Signature Guizhou spicy sauce (the plant is only grown on the op of the mountains in Gui Zhou) 折耳根 looks like baby bamboo bits, but in face is just a really darn addictive spicy sauce.
Congrats on the restaurant opening- hahaha chilli peppers for their ribbon ;) !!!!
Celebrating their opening! <3
Thank you Phase Eight for my dress, Johnny Lam at iL Colpo for styling my hair as usual and iMakeup Workshop!!! :)
So gooooooood!!!! I will be back!! :D Thanks so much for the invite!
LOVE. Only a portion of what we dined on!
泡椒板根筋  ($78) back of every pig- which only has 4 ounces! The meat is super soft, flavourful, and savory! The dish is very spicy though. After a bite, we all had to go for some more water!
黔式辣子雞($78) hot clay pot chicken, is wow!! Its absolutely delicious, and the chicken meat is beyond delicious. Its perfectly seasoned. This dish is one of their signature VERY spicy dish though!! Some more water chugging!!
貴州苦丁茶, this is Guizhou’s signature tea. Its famous for helping farmers with their body pain, after a long hard day of work! The tea is quite strong, bitter and heavy. But, somehow it was the perfect ending. Very hot, soothing and warmed me right up (even though I was already all warmed up!! Those spicy dishes definitely pack a punch!)
Some spicy seasoning for us to take back!
Qian Guan, 黔館, G/F, 157 Kweilin Street, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong 深水埗桂林街157號地下. 2698 9191
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 <3 Always, Jess 
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