L’Entrecôte De Paris Restaurant

L’Entrecôte De Paris Restaurant on Wyndham Street is not the same branch as the 55-year-old Parisian steakhouse Le Relais de l’Entrecôte which also just so happened opened up in Wan Chai- but the Parisian steakhouse serves up quite the mean steak frites! When La Vache (post) first opened up- I was so excited by the set price for salad, steak and fries and now I went for a tasting dinner with my sister to L’Entrecôte De Paris and was surprised by the spacious place (seats 88 people), quality food and romantic vibe! Here’s to more steak frites places! Imitation really is the grandest form of flattery! ;)

Benjamin Pitet and Matthieu Lemoine are the business brains and friends behind this restaurant- and they specialize in this absolutely amazing secret sauce (along with their signature steaks.) No hints were given whats in that sauce, but its a must try. For 268$HKD you get a green salad with walnuts, their famous steak and their even more famous green sauce!


What a deal! Look at that dessert selection. I am SOLD.


We ordered the delicatessen platter, featuring a selection of cold cuts, pickles and mustard, and more. At first we assumed it was this salami platter (above) and we were slightly disappointed. But to our surprise- this is the FREE accompanying salami plate that EVERY table gets if they order drinks!


:) Woo Hoo, love the intimate vibe- yes, thats a bloody mary for me! My preferred drink of choice. ;)


This is the actual delicatessen platter. All these are very popular from France. They all include pork, and some includes a bit of chicken. The goose and pork terrine was my absolute favourite. Terrine can sometimes be too salty- but this was just right. It was mild yet strong. Loved it. The rest is Bretagne andouille de Geumene, Jambon de Savoie, Rosette de Lyon, Rilette du Mans, Terrine de Volaille


Green salad with walnuts. The dressing is very fresh and light. Its very similar to a olive oil dressing with lemon.


BAM! A closeup of my medium rare beauty. There’s a lot more- but they serve you bit by bit to keep the rest of the steak nice and hot. The steak was on the pink and rare side. But thats exactly what I love. I literally drank that sauce up. I drenched a lot of it onto the perfectly cooked steak. The green sauce was so buttery, smooth and lovely. YUM


In all its glory. The fries were PERFECTION. Perfectly crispy, crunchy and fried. I loved dipping the fries in ketchup or even their secret green sauce. Perfect meal. Steak & fries.


My sis went for the salmon. (Its nice to know people can go for fish if they feel like it though!) It was nice and moist- but I preferred the steak and fries!


Another bloody mary for me! Perfectly spicy and refreshing!

And finally DESSERT!!! Chocolate cakes and tarts galore.

IMG_6523 IMG_6526

The Tatin Sister Pie, a tart made with cinnamon-y apples goodness. So darn good! I’ll be back.

L’Entrecôte de Paris 3/F, 46-48 Wyndham Street. Central, Hong Kong. +852 3182 0105

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<3 Always, Jess


Gough 40

Gough 40 is one of the most long standing and famous restaurants on Gough Street. The recognisable open french doors, white interior and exterior bring you a small beautiful restaurant. Small in size, with about 20 seats. This intimate eatery is perfect for date night, business meetings or to rent out and host a private party.


Simple foods beautifully executed! :) Price is a bit high… but a splurge once in a while- aint so bad! ;)


Homemade toasty garlic bread…LOVED this. These babies came out first and were quickly devoured.


Beef Carpaccio & Beef Tartare $180. Very small portion, but of great quality. The beef carpaccio was thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin that was so meaty and satisfying with a hint of vinegar, pinch of salt and pieces of parmesan chunks made it absolutely delicious. The beef tartare was nicely seasoned- but I loveeeed the carpaccio.


Some arugula salad to mix in with the above beef carpaccio and tartare!


Warm Crab Meat Salad with Uni $240. This was another small portion, but soooo darn good. The creamy uni blended delightfully with the juicy crabmeat. The Japanese mushrooms was a nice addition with the light creamy sauce. Perfection.


After a glass of white wine…my cravings went to what else? A Bloody Mary. They made it especially for me.


Fresh U.S. Little Neck Clams in Fish Broth $90. Oh wow. So far every dish has been great. And, this was the same. The clams were plentiful, juicy and meaty and in the most savoury and fragrant fish soup broth. YES. Wanted even more….


Until I had this. Traditional Seafood Soup $180. Again, a very small portion- but its just too well executed. The seafood soup was full of fresh king prawn, scallops, mussels and clams. The soup was a delicious bisque. I loved the strong seafood taste that made it so savoury.


Linguini w/ Porcini mushrooms and spanish ham $280. The spanish ham was sharp and salty which had a nice balance to the fragrant and bouncy linguini pasta. It was nice but my least favourite of the bunch.

I’ll definitely be back! The food was soooo good, its definitely very expensive. The portions are quite small- but its great for a nice intimate and delicious dinner (but afterwards, we did go for a second dinner….guess we were still hungry!) :/

Gough 40, G/F, 40 Gough St, Sheung Wan, 2851 8498

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<3 Always, Jess

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From the people behind Wagyu Takumi came…..Rozan. Opening up my computer, I found loads of pictures from this gem! So before I forget to post it (not that I would forget to….but you know what I mean)….warning: food will make you crave Japanese food…and is it GOOD! Before I go into the amazingness of this restaurant. Let me first tell you about the space. Hidden right next to its sister establishment Wagyu Takumi; Rozan is a discreet- look away, blink and you could drive by and miss the restaurant, place. Rozan is engraved into the space. Rozan is an intimate high end, small 12-seater sushi bar serving one of the best Japanese meals I’ve ever had. You can only order from the omakase sets.

The sets start from ‘IKI’ at $1580 to ‘Kiwami’ at $2880. We went with ‘Omakase Rozan’ at $2380 which was beyond goooood! You start with an appetizer, sashimi, 3 kinds of cooked dishes, nigiri sushi, sushi rolls, miso soup and finally dessert. Without further ado….here’s ROZAN.


Cooked Octopus, with some okra, vinegar jelly, and thinly chopped onion garnish. The cooked octopus was crunchy and sweet. Very nice starter.


Japanese Abalone w/ Abalone sauce, the Abalone was tender, smooth yet crunchy. The dark green abalone sauce was so delicious and went perfectly atop the succulent abalone pieces.


SOOOO ready for this feast. Please excuse me if I didn’t get some of the dishes name correct!


Flat fish sashimi which is near the fin and the tender fish meat.


Sea bream, golden eye snapper, and uni which is wrapped in amberjack. These 3 sashimi picks were sooooo beautifully presented and even better tasting. The golden eye snapper was slightly seared and the crispy skin went well with the fatty snapper. The sea bream was nicely charred and delicious. I loved the creamy uni inside the delicate amberjack sashimi! Such a great mix.


Do you all know what this is?


Japanese Hairtail and corn sauce, corn. The hairtail fish is a long, slender flat fish found in the hot tropical and temperate waters. The fish was appetizing along with the corn and sweet corn sauce. Loved this.


Sardine, deboned and then made into a fish ball and radish soup. This was soooooo delicious. I don’t even know how to describe this tasty fresh homemade sardine fish ball. It was all sorts of goodness.


Radish, pickle wrapped mullet, OH MAN! They get better and better. This mullet fish was so sharp, savoury and appetizing. The flat mullet fish was a very interesting texture- its similar to a lot of roe all mashed together, then lightly fried and the salty mullet taste was softened by the japanese radish!

SUSHI PORTION. We were really full by this point, but onwards and upwards….with a meal this good! You definitely have space.


Hairy Crab and crab roe sushi, This seasonal delicacy was sooo fresh, sweet and juicy. With a small dallop of fresh crab roe- I honestly swallowed this whole in one bite, only wanting more!


Squid Sushi. WOW, one of the most refreshing sushi of the night. The hint of yuzu and lime peel along with a little bit of ginger made this sweet, chewy yet silky squid meat sooooo wonderful. LOVED THIS.


Salmon (mini sized, fresh water salmon which hasn’t been in the sea yet) especially soft and sweet. This fresh water salmon was so delightful. Slightly seared and with an added glaze of soy sauce, this was soooooo good.


Soft Crab. This was soooo pretty. The soft crab meat was so chewy, crunchy and enjoyable!


Tuna Sushi. This fresh tuna sushi was so fresh, flavourful and rich! Really loved this.


Toro sushi. Was sooooo darn good. This velvety rich toro meat was absolutely delightful. So savoury, fatty (in all the right ways), and luscious.


Horse Mackerel, this was absolutely fresh, and very smooth and tender.


Sea urchin sushi. Oh man. We ordered extra helpings after. This sea urchin was soooooooooo wonderful. Perfectly creamy, rich, and luscious. Absolutely loveeeeeeee, loooooove, lovvvvvvveeee this! <3 I could eat this all day.


Toro Roll sushi were great! We literally were soooo stuffed, but we still had a bit more! My memory becomes a bit foggy after…but here’s just the rest of it! If you know what these are! Let me know, and I’ll update it in!

IMG_4068 IMG_4069 IMG_4071 IMG_4072

Tamago!! I know this one!! ;)


Yuzu Ice Cream…Perfect dessert to end the evening.

Rozan, Shop 2, G/F, The Oakhill, 18 Wood Road, Wanchai, +852 2574 1333 (Closed on Monday)


<3 Always, Jess

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