Sushi Shikon

Sushi Shikon is 3 Michelin stars Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, just like its predecessors formerly known as Sushi Yoshitake-  just like the original Sushi Yoshitake in Tokyo. It is also the MOST expensive omakase restaurants in HK. So is it the best Sushi omakase restaurants in Hong Kong. I went for dinner which the only price option is HK$3,500 ($450 USD) for the Omakase Dinner Menu. OMG. The price is extreme. This better be the best 6 appetizers, 10 sushi pieces and dessert I’ve ever had.

It is definitely a SPLURGE, but a really gooooooooooood one at that. I can’t explain how amazing the omakase experience was. The restaurant is cozy and small. Its limited to only eight seats along a Hinoki counter (perfect for watching all the action happen.)


Red king prawn with bonito broth jelly plus Red Sea urchin from Kyushu plus grilled eggplant paste. This was juicy, refreshing and flavourful. The texture of the plump red king prawn against the cold bonito broth jelly, creamy eggplant paste and sweet uni was such a beautiful start to this epic meal.


Rockfish, seared skin with a special charcoal & dipped in a Rockfish bone soya sauce. I loved the smokey taste of the fatty skin- balanced so well with the tender rockfish sashimi.

Chef Kakinuma AKA Kaki-san is like a magical wizard. What he creates is absolutely amazing. Its art. :)


Tender octopus Hokkaido with fresh wasabi, this octopus was perfect in every way. The marination, the balance and the taste! I loved how tender and sweet the octopus was but it also had a lasting fresh crunch. Who knew octopus massaged in salt water for 45 minutes and then served room temperature. WOW.


Steamed abalone…but wait…


Steamed abalone dipped in the abalone liver PERFECTION. The Abalone is first cooked with Sake for 4-5 hours and then served with the abalone liver sauce. The texture was such a welcoming surprise! Its so tender yet soft and had the perfect texture. They also cut the abalone in a special way to add to the chewy layered texture. I’ve had abalone a lot, but I somehow will never ever forget this. By far, the best abalone I’ve ever had.


Then we were given some rice with an extra serving of liver sauce. I could just scoop it up. Abolone risotto, anyone?


Seared bonito ginger spring onion and horse radish. This was almost tooooo pretty to eat. The smokiness of the seared skin was terrific. I loved the fresh, tender bonito fish.


Baby scallop and baby lotus roots and chopped okra and yuzu. Out of everything, this was my least favourite- not because it wasn’t good, but because everything was just too darn good!

All the sushi rice is mixed with red vinegar thats been aged 3 months…..Now onto the delectable sushi portion. As each dish, piece came out…I got more and more excited. Do I dare say each getting better and better? You can be the judge.


Squid sushi with salt water. That squid. My goodness. I can’t even explain just how good this was. The fresh squid was


Goldeneye snapper sushi – the very first piece of sushi was marinated for four days with kelp, vinegar and I’m assuming magic- because this was AH-mazing.


Medium fatty tuna sushi -which has been marinated in special sauce for 8 hrs is spectacular.IMG_6940

Fatty tuna sushi- Okay. When I said the medium toro was good, this just blew that out of the water. Perfectly sweet, rich and fatty.


Seared Barracuda shiso leaf japanese pickle sushi- the seared barracuda had a nice smokiness to it, but I still preferred the other sushi pieces.


Horse mackerel sushi- Okay, I’m usually not a fan of mackerel but this was just too good. The simplicity, freshness and taste was terrific.


Cockerel clam sushi– Seriously. The sushi gets better and better. I could just slurp this right up. Theres a beautiful balance of crunchy and smooth. Very nice Kaki San.


Purple sea urchin and green sea urchin. Purple uni is known to be bigger and recognized for its lovely creaminess, whereas the green uni is known to be sweet and rich.


Purple sea urchin and green sea urchin sushi cupcake– now we all know how much I love this. So I’m just going to keep it simple. I love this. Every single thing about this. Perfection.


Japanese King prawn – this was engulfed immediately. The king prawn was sweet, juicy and oh so moist.


Sea eel sushi– the sea eel texture was soooooooo soft. It was as creamy as butter and immediately melts in your mouth.


Too beautiful.


Second helping of sea urchin sushi, and Tamago with shrimp paste behind the glorious sea urchin!


Miso Soup

Japanese orange jelly


Me in action. I need to come back. I will come back. I’m in love with this place. (That is a lot of different emotions…)Now to only secure another $3500 for this beautiful meal. It’s definitely an amazing experience. I get why Sushi Shikon was awarded 3 michelin stars. Only bad thing is you can only go at the 6PM or 8:30pm time- after finishing, you have to leave right away :/

The Mercer Hotel- 29 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong t: +852 9697 6800

<3 Always, Jess

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298 Nikuya

298 Nikuya has two branches. One in Sheung Wan and the other in Central (which is the one I went to). The place itself is nice and big. There are some booth tables for bigger groups, as well as an open grill bar area where we sat. The place was buzzing at this late hour! I was famished and ready to order. We may have ordered toooo much, for two people. But, you can be the judge.


298 Homemade Kimchi $60. The kimchi was a nice starter- simple, crisp, and spicy.


298 Signature Salad $90. I really liked this salad. It had a nice ponzu and sesame oil dressing- but the best part was how crunchy and crisp the iceberg lettuces and seaweed were.


Ox Tongue $80. This was soooo good. The ox tongue had the perfect texture of hardness and chewy-ness!


Kalbi $130 and Prime Kalbi $165. The kalbi plates were huge. Granted there were two portions. The kalbi was nicely seasoned and the prime kalbi had a great fatty bit to it. It was great! But at this point we were both starting to feel full.


Grilling away. The smell was sinfully good.


Wagyu Sirloin wrapped Uni $180 for 3. For those who dare eat raw beef… this is a MUST order. Has two of my favourite things rolled up into one. Wagyu Sirloin wrapped around a creamy sweet uni strip. Its very very decadent and chewy.


Hello there, baby.


Original Beef Yukke (Beef Tartare) $140. I was beyond full. But we over ordered in the beginning!! This was excellent. The Beef tartare was nicely seasoned and you mix in the onions and egg yolk for a creamy, crunchy experience.


298 Cold Noodles (half portion) $55. I love ordering the cold noodles everywhere they have it on the menu. This was pretty good, but I was so full at this point- I couldn’t even enjoy it.


Ox Tail Soup $90. Seriously, my stomach was going to burst. I had a small bowl of it…was my least favourite of the bunch and actually a bit bland.


Sliced Sirloin “Yaki Shabu” w/ ponzo $180. This was my kryptonite. I loveeeeeed this. Its sooooooo fatty. A few seconds on the grill is all you need and then it was PERFECTION. So fatty, savoury and amazing!


Sliced Sirloin Yaki Shabu $180. Close up of this fatty goodness…AH MAZING!


The food at 298 Nikuya is delicious, but it is overpriced. The portion is small (but we over ordered). For two people, with no alcohol was $1370. OUCH. I’ll be pack, but order less and order the things that really stood out!

298 Nikuya Room 2/F Pearl Oriental House, 60 Stanley Street, Central. Tel: 3568 9298


<3 Always Jess

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CHINO has definitely been creating a lot of buzz. Its one of the buzziest new eateries to have opened up in Kennedy Town. There is a no reservation policy, so get there early- because it does fill up quick. The concept of CHINO is clean, fun and chill. Chef Erik Idos serves up Japanese meets Mexican fusion in delicious servings. All from his almost 10 years of experience at NOBU in Intercontinental in Kowloon.


I started off with a fruity cocktail recommended by the bartenders. There’s bar seats for dining as well as drinking.


We started off with the market fish ceviche $168. It was marinated in a refreshing lime, yuzu sauce that made this oh so goooood. Only problem was the price for what you get.


Scallop and uni tostada ($88). Sweet uni and fresh raw scallop sit beautifully on top of a crunchy toasted tortilla chip. Its beautiful. We ended up ordering another batch.


Mushroom, Mizuna and burnt Jalapeño $128 dish. I LOVED this. It was absolutely packed with so much flavours, textures and taste.


This was the pork soft taco, I remember thinking it was just okay compared with all the other goodies.


Crispy Fish, Chipotle Kewpie, Salsa Fresca Tacos HK$48 which actually is US$6.20!!! OMG…..I didn’t realize the price difference until a friend told me, I eat a lot out and if I think how much it was until I converted it. MY GOSH. This was pretty good though. The fish itself could have used some more seasoning, but I loved the crispy outer shell!


Clams, Aji Amarillo, Crispy Shallots HK$148. I’m a big fan of clams and these were delicious. The clams were plump and fresh. The clam broth was sharp, savoury and slurp-worthy! I was practically gulping down the entire bowl.


Chicken, mini Egg Tostada $58 HKD That chicken egg tostada was delicious! It had chicken tinga, creamy guacamole, topped with a fried mini egg all over a crispy, crunchy chip!

Chino 1B-1C New Praya, Kennedy Town, 2606 0588


<3 Always Jess

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