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Punch Detox! I was recently invited to try out the 3 Day Cleanse from Punch Detox. I gladly accepted before thinking, “What…wait a minute….did I just say good bye to food for 3 whole days,” but was reassured to hear from a few other people that its alright if I did eat a bit during the cleanse. A precursor is that I have done a few cleanses in the past- only to have a bit of a cold, shivering chills and just pretty groggy and tired and no will power- and barely followed the cleanse! However, this time- I was determined not to let that get the best of me!!! (So, before I began, I had the mindset of incorporating some food….was in the middle of a movie shoot….and well I wanted to make sure I had energy to film!)


I couldn’t wait to get started!! (Before we get to this power packed green juice……..)


The juices were delivered to my home at around 5pm the night before my 3 day cleanse was going to start! It was overwhelming to look at…..(good thing, I started the mentality with ‘I CAN DO IT’ and that I would also include food- everyone is different, for me, I chose to eat food, cause I know my body…and I wanted to make sure I didn’t over do it!) I took the juices out of the cool bags and immediately put them into the fridge!

Day 1, 2, and 3


Every morning, I looked forward to this. Citrus Punch was very mild and light. Lemon, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Agave Nectar and Filtered Water! But, don’t be alarmed. The drink was nice, light and rather refreshing. There was a small kick to the rejuvenating juice! I really liked the natural freshness and lightness.


The Green Punch juice which has Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Bitter Melon, Parsley, Spirulina, Green Apple was absolutely refreshing! I try to eat more vegetables. But somehow, I’m always going for meats, carbs, and snacks. So this juice was perfect for me. I instantly felt healthier. Along with my juices- copious amount of water was inhaled. I quickly finish this juice around 10am/11am each morning….. Hope the rest of the juices can help me last the day!



Red Punch, With Beets, carrot, ginger, orange, goji, berry and red apples. This was pretty darn good! The beets and berry taste were especially strong. I downed these so quickly. It was so tasty! But check your teeth! ;) May leave a bit of a stain- and we wouldn’t want that ;)


Fruit Punch was what I was looking forward to all day. The Pineapple, lime, watermelon and acai berry mix was so nice and juicy. The fruity splash completely energized me. Usually around 4pm, 5pm- I happily engulfed this. This juice was so tasty….and by this point- I really feel like I lost a lot of water weight. It was a great feeling! My stomach felt flatter. And by day 2, my skin looked noticeably more refreshed and bright! I got compliments throughout day 2 about how I looked lighter and brighter…WOW! That IS some miracle juice cleanse. (Remember, a lot of it- is will power, and how well you stick to it)

After drinking more water, hot lemon water, and tea- It tide-d me over until dinner time! Here comes the salty, spicy, and interesting one….


GazPUNCHo, which had tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, garlic, sea salt, cider vinegar, olive oil and cayenne pepper….and was soooo darn interesting. This is the thickest (texture wise) out of the bunch. You can see, taste and feel the crunchier tomatoes and cucumbers which have already been juiced to barely a pulp. This was really interesting. There was a salty, spicy kick that I rather enjoyed! And, slowly go through this!!

YOU’RE almost done!! Finally….it was one of my favourite-also the most calorific one! :)


NUT PUNCH! The last of the one for the night. It has raw cashews, raw almond, cinnamon, agave nectar, sea salt and filtered water. This drink was milkalicious. I could taste the nutty deliciousness. The mix of cashews, almonds and hint of cinnamon left me with a delicious blend for me to drift off to….

3 days went by in a breeze. (Thx to their inspiring emails that come with the detox cleanse- which reminds you to stick with it, etc.) Again, I did include food in my cleanse….but tried sticking to healthier items. And this cleanse especially helped kick my nasty diet soda habit…for a while at least! And, I felt lighter, more fresh and energized! My clothes felt slightly looser too. All in all, it helped tremendously with my digestion and I really do feel a WHOLE lot healthier.


Thanks Punch Detox for letting me try out your 3 day cleanse. Look into their website to order or learn more! 

Punch Detox’s 3-Day Juice Cleanse costs $1680, including delivery- www.punchdetox.com



<3 Always, Jess

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Hong Kong has many different cuisines… But good wholesome, hearty Italian food is definitely hard to come by. Especially for authentic pizza! I once wrote about No. 5 (post)…where I wondered could it be the Best pizza in HK!? Well, now I really might’ve found it…at GIANDO! I’ve been back twice since my initial visit…get ready for some carb-tastic pics!


BREAD Bag! :) Love the assortment of various choices! I went with the fresh breadsticks and crispy crunchy crackers!


Chianti Classico, a bottle for us to wine and dine….


Risotto w/ Shrimps, Crabmeat, Tomatoes & Sweet Peppers Powder $278...This tasted great! The hearty, savoury and absolutely aromatic- there was a strong seafood taste to it. Loved the lightness, sauciness and creaminess of it!


We got a half Parma Ham, Arugula, Parmigiano, Crescenza, and Mozzarella Cheese $238 (thats the one in the back) I really liked how all the pizzas were a top a thin pizza base and thin crust with a crunchy airy and light burst to it! YUM. Loved this cheesy deliciousness of a pizza.

as well a a half Spinach & Five Cheeses (Fontina, Gorgonzola, Parmigiano, Stracchino & Mozzarella $188 pizza!!! THIS by far however was my favourite! I LOVEEEEEEEEEED this. The strong, rich, tangy five cheese mix was- so darn good! I have no words…just try for yourself, esp good for those cheese lovers- like myself!


Black Truffle Paste, Mixed Green Leaves Mascarpone & Mozzarella $258 Pizza. This was just pretty good- but after having the five cheese and spinach pizza…that just sealed the deal!! There is a LOT of black truffles hidden behind that big bed of mixed green leaves.


Giando’s signature Tiramisu...Yummy! Nice, light and refreshing!


 3 scoops of ice cream/gelato and berries! I liked this more! Was feeling more for this cold treat! Definitely very goooood.

Giando, 1/F The Fleet Arcade, 1 Lung King Street Fenwick Pier, Wanchai, HK, 2511 8912

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<3 Always, Jess

Starbucks Doubleshot, Espresso + Cream, 6.5 Ounce, 12 Pack
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Taipei….. Eat with Jess in TAIWAN! We escaped to Taiwan for a few days and the first place we went to? A Western restaurant! But a very yummy one at that! This is a travel post, guys!!


Before I jet off to Taiwan, I have myself a Hot Soy milk Latte…but, Starbucks…tsk tsk tsk- I’m not Mr. Jassica…Hahaha. They really do have some good marketing! ;)


Fire Roasted Corn Salad NT$240. Basil, Overnight Tomatoes, Pickled Jalapenos, House Made Jalapeno Cheese & Balsamic Vinagrette. I really liked this! The house made jalapeno cheese had such a nice kick, and the fire roasted corn salad was perfectly made. I loved this dish! It was really yummy.


Deviled Eggs NT$180. Homemade Siracha, Crispy Charred Shallots. Another delicious treat! I loved the creamy, spicy egg topping. They were seriously delicious. I could have kept on going with this- I really wanted to order another order of this!


A mixed drink for me! And some delicious spicy almonds! :D Lovely.


Fried Chicken NT$480. Fried Local Herb Brined Chicken, Grilled Lemon & Roasted Garlic, Dipped in Homemade Siracha Honey Herb Glaze + NT$60. Oh wow! ANOTHER great main dish. I LOVEEEEED the crispy, crunchy, chewy outer fried chicken skin. And, the chicken meat was juicy, moist and tender on the inside. Dipped in a little of the honey herb glaze and homemade siracha sauce-Perfection!


Surf & Turf $380. Char-grilled Tripe & Squid in Tomato Stew topped w/ Breadcrumbs and Grana Padano. This soup was nice, light and refreshing- but definitely liked all the other dishes more.

If you go to Taiwan and you’re craving some Western eats- definitely check out this cool gastropub!! :)

EIEIO Gastropub, No. 8, Lane 14, Siwei Rd, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106: +886 2 2701 6000

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<3 Always, Jess

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