I love teppanyaki, back in the States I would always frequent one every week right by my parents work place! I loved it. The live action cooking and grilling action right before my eyes and voila, hot delicious seafood and meats to be devoured ASAP.  Sanka Teppanyaki 山下 is brought to you by the same power group behind Japanese cuisine juggernauts Sushi Kuu and Sushi Sase. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to dine at both places a couple of times- and each time, I’m never disappointed. So when my sister and I were invited for a tasting; we jumped at the chance to try their dinner tasting menu! The dinner set course is 1,980 + 10%….its pricey, but absolutely delicious and well worth it. But, I’ll let you be the judge yourself….

We sat down in front of the beautifully curved teppan bar and noticed how spacious Sanka was. There’s also two private dining rooms as well.


What is this? The amuse bouche. An absolutely lovely steamed egg, with truffle sauce that was both light yet flavourful and had a strong truffle taste which matched the steam egg perfectly.


Look at all the fresh seafood we’re having tonight!!! <3 Can’t wait to dig in.


Next up is the Ise Ebi Caviar. The Japanese lobster was succulent and large, mixed in with caviar and creamy sour cream. It was a nice light, smooth and refreshing start to the dinner.


Mmmmmm…whats cooking under there?


Hokkaido Taraba Crab, the crab had this lovely salty soy sauce glaze, with onion and lemon. The crab meat was plump, moist and juicy. It was however a little bit on the saltier side.


A teppanyaki master at work!


This was delicious! I loved the sauteed amadai fish. Its a Japanese Horsehead fish on top of a light yet flavorful beef consome soup. I loved the delicate crunchy crispy fish skin, and the amadai fish was soooo light and moist. Terrific!


The giant Aomori Abalone which was still alive and squirming as it was being cooked! I’m so sorry…


Jumbo Aomori Abalone was just, wow. It was sooooooo tender and accompanied with the abalone liver and some fried sweet bread to dip in the yellow sauce which is made out of clam, butter and seaweed sauce as well as the brown yuzu and vinegar sauce. I really liked all the different flavours- but it is very rich and creamy- so not the best for those who like to eat a bit on the lighter side.


Sparkling sake and Haute Medoc red wine!


My favourite. The premium Kuroge Wagyu Sirloin Steak. A5 grade wagyu sirloin steak- you do not need to dip it in anything because there’s already enough flavour! But they also have some salts, peppers, and wasabi to accompany the beef.


Demolished! Oh yes, the pretty teppanyaki counter!


Garlic Rice to go with our wagyu beef!


Miso Soup with loads of goodies in side. SOOOOO lovely!


Thanks again Kenny!! We finished off with some desserts! The chiffon cake with caramel, orange jelly and strawberries done in a teppanyaki style!! All of them were good, but I ate them up way too fast! Totally forgot to take a pic!

Sanka, 1/F, 11 Stanley Street, Central, 3460 2285


<3 Always, Jess

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Belvedere Kinda Night!

I was super excited to be able to go to the Belvedere’s “Know Your Martini” Workshop! A night where we got to learn how to mix 3 different types of martinis all from the bar tending pros! Belvedere is the worlds first super premium vodka. It was first founded in 1993 in Poland and now distributed by the LVMH group and to this day, it is still one of the leading luxury vodkas in the world. Poland is the first and only geographical Appellation for vodka- and Belvedere applies the same 600 year Polish art of vodka making- by drawing out the natural characteristics of the two main ingredients, rye and water. 

If you know me, you know I like to eat. A lot. But I also like to drink….especially a well crafted cocktail! When I go out- vodka tonic, gin and tonics are staples in my choice of drinks. And, once in a while- a well mixed martini is absolutely perfect.


So one rainy evening, we all gathered for a night of mixing…Can’t wait to get my hands on those bottles of Belvedere.


We got to learn how to mix 3 different types of martinis: Dry, Wet, and a Reverse Vesper martini – aka: the James Bond drink! Thank you Belvedere Hong Kong.


Classic Martini Ingrediants

60ml / 2 oz Belvedere Vodka

10ml / a fourth of Lillet Blanc

HOW TO CREATE: Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and stir over ice until very cold. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a twist of pink grapefruit! :) Now go try it for yourself.


We started our night with a refreshingly smooth Belvedere mixed drink! Welcome drink for all! :)


The night had me feeling this blurry….JK! 😉 Behind the bar! Look at all the drinks we’re going to have to mix!


With all the mixing and drinking at the Pawn, we got some hearty fried goods to soak up all the vodka!


Some delicious mini beef sliders. This was perfect in helping me soak up all the vodka! :)

Mixing away…. When a bartender usually asks you what type of martini do you like? They will ask: Gin or Vodka, then shaken or stirred! Shaken is a fast 30 seconds, while stirring takes 1:30-2 minutes.


The ‘dry’ martini is stirred so its much more silky. The’ wet’ in the middle has more vermouth- which is aromatized wine and was developed from the Chinese- it was made to preserve shelf life and was medicinal. The ‘reverse vesper’ is the last one we had. My favourite of the night absolutely soooo smooth, silky and delicious.

All of the drinks left a beautifully smooth and clean finish. There’s a subtle sweetness, softness and crispness to the drinks!


As the evening continued, I got to try my hand behind the counter and made my own martini!!! Its quite a workout!! No easy task, don’t let my smile fool you…tip your bartenders well, everyone!


Such a fun and informative night! I learned so much about mixing a good martini drink. I loved trying it out behind the table. Shaking the drinks was the hardest part and the shaker was really cold! But glad I got to try bartending for a night!

The real pro is the girl next to me- Ali Dedianko who is none other than the Global Brand Ambassador of Belvedere Vodka


Thanks again Belvedere Hong Kong, The Pawn, Top Shop for this lovely dress, Johnny Lam @iL Colpo Hair Salon, and iMakeup Workshop :) Great event!!!!


<3 Always, Jess

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Fish & Meat

Brought to you by the group Maximal Concepts, the people behind Blue Butcher, Brick House, Double D, Mott 32, and Limewood just to name a few.  Fish & Meat is modern, simple and comforting. The food is lovely, the ambience and decor is simple and warm. As you walk in (its hidden on the other side of Wyndham Place) your greeted by friendly staff, and a very packed bar area- before walking through to the dining area. Theres also a small bustling open kitchen for you to see the dishes being prepared right before your eyes! What do they serve? You got it. A lot of fish. A lot of meats.


Sea Urchin Bruschetta with salmon roe, lardo di colonata wrapped over and a dash of rosemary. This was TERRIFIC. Love uni (sea urchin), and this surprised me in all the right ways. It was the perfect balance on top of the crispy bruschetta.

Whole fresh burrata, grilled peaches, basil vinaigrette, and vine tomatoes (located in the back) was very nice and light. All the ingredients tasted really fresh.


Farmed salmon tartare cured with carrot and gin, braised vegetables, corn puree, and a poached egg. I really enjoyed this. There were so many different flavors, textures and they all blended in together perfectly.


Oven roasted Indian Ocean tiger prawns, lardo di colonata, chilli and lemon, this was a nice hot dish. It wasn’t my favorite of the bunch- just a tad too saucy for me. I loved the plump, sweet Tiger prawns though.


Fresh squid ink linguini with sea urchin, salmon roe, roasted garlic and chilli’s. OKAY. Lets pause for a moment and just look at that black beauty. I Loved, no, LOVEEEEEED this. There’s sooooo much sea urchin, salmon roe all mixed in together. Oh man- super decadent, delicious and delectable. I love me some uni pasta.


Diavola style French baby chicken, pepperoni and apple stuffing, chicken jus


Peter’s Farm Dutch Veal Piccata, capers, parsley, butter, lemon and whipped potatoes


Sides: Roasted Potatoes, Turmerica and truffle roasted cauliflowers too!


Turkey Special, rolled turkey breast, Italian sausage, hazelnuts, sage and turkey leg ragu


Fish and Meat  2/F, 32 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2565 6788

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