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Late night yakitori….So, we actually had dinner already at Qi, House of Sichuan(post). Sadly, we weren’t completely satisfied just yet.


Think we were craving just a little bit of something else. So while heading back to Nan Tei (post)...we ventured onto Lyndhurst Terrace..Which is also home to NUR (post)!!!!! READ my past posts peeps!


We stumbled upon this small little eatery tucked up on Lyndhurst Terrace. It’s a small space. Above Pizza Express, there’s a small outdoor terrace area, along with some small seats and grill inside the restaurant. We chose the breezy, cool outdoor terrace. The quality and price of the food is similar to that of Nan Tei, or Torimen (post) for yakitori! The menu actually has a few ‘Japanese meets Western/French’ fusion. They also have foie gras, truffle, pasta dishes! But we stuck with the conventional yakitori items. We crave what we crave. The food is not exceptional by any means, but just what we were craving.


Chicken Skin Yakitori | I had a small bite. These are very addictive. Deep fried thin pieces of chicken skin! It’s the absolute best. Loved the crunchy, chip like texture.


Chicken Gizzard | I didn’t have any, but looked pretty good! Juicy, thick and smelled absolutely heavenly.


Chicken Bone Yakitori (Hiding in the back) & Beef Ox Tongue | For those who frequent my blog. You’ll know I’m a big fan of ox tongue!! Love everything about it. The chewy, meaty, flavourful texture of the meat! YES YES YES! <3


Signature Tsukune & Egg Yolk! I loveeee this. I always order this if its on the menu. Its essentially just minced chicken meatball dipped in a perfect egg yolk and special sweet soy sauce based sauce. But its great. Perfect bites of meaty chicken pieces…And after you dip it into the creamy egg and secret sauce…Its practically begging to be devoured in that instant!!

Piyo Piyo Yakitori & Sake Bar | 4/F, Soho Square, 21 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | 2164-8008



<3 Always, Jess

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Stone Nullah Tavern

Stone Nullah Tavern is from the same people behind the hearty Italian comfort meals that is Linguini Fini (post), and Posto Pubblico (post). Mmmmmm so you know you’re going to be getting a heavy but delicious meal! Stone Nullah specializes in what they call “New American” dining. The food isn’t served in too gigantic portions, (Unless you go for the Whole chicken, other meatier options) but rather more tapa like dishes where you can share. I go over to celebrate A’s bday dinner! We went last week for drinks and loved the rustic, dark wood floorings and comfy interior of the restaurant. The food is good! But be prepared for a BIG meal. A lot of the dishes are carby, fried and very saucy!


Done with work- 2 Gin & Tonics…Full belly and off to watch a late night showing of Captain America 2!! <3 Great Thursday night.


Bread w/ a delicious pork liver pate. The pork pate is sooooooooo good. So rich, creamy, with the perfect amount of sweet and savoury.


Chicken Wings | Chilli, Honey, Garlic | $60 | These wings were pretty good. Very hot, perfectly sweet with a kick of spice. Its very saucy so you have to be okay with very saucy dishes!


Pig’s Head Nachos | Chilli Con Testa, Salsa Cheddar, Crispy Ears | $120 | I really enjoyed these. These nachos came out piping hot!! The chilli con testa is meaty and juicy. The salsa cheddar is perfect and I lovedddd the crispy ears on top! Its deep fried, crunchy and crispy without seeming too greasy or oily!


French Onion Braised Brisket | Gruyere Crostini, Horseradish | $160 | The braised brisket is great…its perfectly tender, soft and moist. Its very saucy! But definitely has a great french onion, spicy kick taste to it.


Smoked Cauliflower | Curry Vinagrete, Crispy Quinoa, Coriander | $80 | Yum!! I loved the crispy quinoa. It absolutely pops in your mouth. Like teeny popcorn kernels and loved the full hearty bite of the smoked cauliflowers.


Maple BBQ Glazed Bacon | Sweet Potato, Gorgonzola Aioli | $160 | The bacon is great. Its perfectly hearty, sweet, but very salty. The smoky taste of the glazed bacon is amazing. Its the perfect blend of sweet but the salty is definitely very overwhelming!

We also had the Fat Kid Cake!! <3 SOOO good…. I’ll get into what the fat kid cake is during my brunch portion! So for those who know me. I LOVE BRUNCH!!! Breakfast food (post) is the best! So this past Sunday…I went for a Rainy/ Live Band Jazz Brunch. I have to say the service during dinner was really good. Brunch was a bit more slow. I think its because they were SOOOO busy. But overall, it was a lot more slow … :/


I ordered the SNT Eggs Benedict $120. It’s pretty standard. Two poached eggs, fatty bacon, atop two english muffins and finished off with a generous amount of hollandaise sauce!


The Mini ‘Meatloaf’ Burger with cheddar, spicy ketchup, mayo, homemade bacon | $120 | was very good! I had a small bite, along with their mac & cheese (not pictured) but was GREAT! Full of cheese, flavour. And…just the perfect carb-y confection! We also ordered the fried chicken skin (not pictured) but it was a bit too deep fried and not as tasty.


The Fat Kid Cake which contains layers of red velvet cake, NY cheesecake, crème brulee and dark chocolate mousse, popping chocolate.…ALL in one cake!! It’s delicious, but a mini heart attack waiting to happen. I had this during dinner and brunch (both times…we didn’t finish more than half) its a pretty decadent indulgence. Not Pictured were the Ovaltine Ice cream and the Fried Apple pie dessert! The fried apple die dessert was such a pleasant surprise. Smelled, tasted like a churro. Every bit as good!!

Like I said. Get ready for a feast at Stone Nullah Tavern. Come during one of your splurge days!

Stone Nullah Tavern  G/F, 69 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong | 3182 0128



<3 Always, Jess

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Best Burgers in Hong Kong

The BEST burgers in town. Or my search for the best burgers in this city. Burgers and fries pretty much come hand to hand. To be honest, I don’t always crave burgers, but once in a while- a piece of juicy, succulent, meaty beef patty sandwiched perfectly between two thick fluffy buns (along w/ tomatoes, lettuces, whatever you like) is everything you need to get your hands on. Here’s my list of the BEST burgers in HK (remember, I haven’t blogged about all the burger joints!! Jut a list of the ones I like)…In NO particular order…I present you my list of the BEST (blogged about) burgers in town!

Common Room’s (post) mini wagyu foie gras beef sliders easily does the trick.


Triple O (post) still remains one of the best burger destination chains, serving top notch juicy burgers! (BONUS: loads of location to get your burger fix)


Beef & Liberty (post) dishes up classic beef burgers, simple sides, salads, and fries with various dipping sauce.


Grand Central (post) has a massive burger…at a price (Above $200) but they come with the best side of skinny fries!!!! <3


Cafe Causette (post) offers a lighter version. A veggie burger made completely out of soy & tofu! For the vegetarians!


Let me know if you think there’s any other burger places I need to go try!! <3 :) Thanks for reading! Have a great day.

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<3 Always, Jess

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