An Italian restaurant who’s been making New Yorker’s feeling very happy has recently launched in Hong Kong! The Black Sheep Group (the awesome people who brought us other hearty restaurants like Motorino (post) and La Vache (post) has now opened the contemporary and old school eatery: Carbone! I love the feel of the place. All the staff are dressed up and I love the classic Frank Sinatra songs blasting throughout the restaurants. Plush leather seats, colourful decor and delicious Italian fare lights up this restaurant.


So one busy day….I was looking forward to the feast I would be eating at night!




Fresh delicious homemade Cheesy Garlic bread. Its a hearty delicious cut…I really wanted more! But we over-ordered and had a huge meal coming!


Prosciutto for the table! :D


Carpaccio Piemontese $168 which I LOVED! I really liked the texture actually. It’s different…a bit more on the chewy side, but I really liked the arugula leaves and thinly sliced mushrooms that came with it! Beware…its a big serving!


Octopus Pizzaiolo $188 This was really good! The octopus was crunchy and perfectly flavoured. I really liked all the accompanying parts of this dish!


Mario’s Meatballs $168 The meatballs were one of their signatures and it was pretty good! The meat was soft, tender and flavourful! But by this point- I was pretty full!

But we had SO much more food to come! The side portion is HUGE. Its really American-sized….and the main is just as big!


Sides: Charred Broccoli $78..mmmm! So sad because we barely touched the sides and the main-we asked to to-go it, but ended up not taking it by accident! But honestly…its cause our food wasn’t packed or brought out! So, not entirely our fault we didn’t bring it back..sigh.


Sides: Funghi Trifolati $78…sooo good! Drenched in olive oil..Nice.


Carni: Double Lamb Chops $428 They’re ginormous!!


Great, friendly service! The lamb chops were MASSIVE…


Beautifully cooked! I’m not the biggest fan of lamb..but these babies were nicely done. Absolutely tender, succulent and juicy. The lamb meat were nicely seasoned and quite lean with just the right amount of fat. But soooo sad….we wasted it!! :/ We asked for it to be packed…but I don’t know- they forgot to bring it out, and we forgot to ask them for it again!


Dessert Wine! Overall I really enjoyed it. Service was friendly and nice. Food was hearty and good…its a nice spot for some good ol’ hearty Italian cooking…and its in the heart of LKF…perfect way to kick off a night of drinking and partying! ;)

Carbone Hong Kong, 9/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham St., Central. Tel: 2593-2593

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<3 Always, Jess

Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers, 13.7 Oz
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Wong Chuk Hang is known for their industrial buildings and factories. But now it should be known for their up and coming foodie joints! I went to 3/3rds a few weeks before doing a Cable TV food show episode there! (Research purposes, and was delighted to see how much I liked this fresh, hip and chill new eatery!)


3/3rds is one of the newest places to open up these days. Brothers- Wesley and Daniel Wan, along with Daniel’s girlfriend Adelaide Tam have opened up this new buzzy place in the heart of Wong Chuk Hang. On the 22nd floor of a typical factory bldg lies this hippy new eatery. The place is casual, large and has kept most of the industrial feel to it. A small cafeteria with a food factory feel, where you pick from the very healthy, organic and natural foods selection of salads, sandwiches, and the thinnest thin crust pizza I have ever eaten. You order, pay, and wait for your food in the dining space (or take away). Theres a huge open kitchen, so you can watch your pizza and toastie being prepared. The concept is easy, light and fast cooking.


Order what you want….


And voila…. EAT! (Okay okay, the above shot is part of my tv shoot! But cool space!) Its very environmental friendly with everything being recyclable and its also a furniture show room where you can purchase anything and everything in the dining space. Cool! Environmental and economical.


The salads and vegetarian dishes ranges from Brussels sprouts and delectable eggplants with Tahiti oregano, wild rice, basmati rice, quinoa and a mix of other nutritious goodies. As you can see, I opted for a salad box filled to the brim with beautiful veggies! Every bite tasted delicious, fresh and tasty! Nutritious, to boot.


The cheese toastie was BOMB!!! I love cheese and they have this Comte, raclette, Montgomery cheddar, white and red onions and leeks melted middle! Its heavy though- but honestly so darn good! Grilled to crispy perfection, and I absolutely loveeeeed the cheesy melted center! Too Too good!


Margherita pizza…look how light, healthy and delicious that looks. It was one of the thinnest most delightful pizza crusts- I didn’t feel guilty eating pizza for lunch…and look at all the good ol’ veggies! So fresh…the sweet and flavourful tomatoes, arugula, mozzarella, parmesan and fresh basil leaves! Absolutely delicious.  


The pizzas were definitely the highlight for me though. Their 3 cheese pizza is known to be their best seller. They don’t use yeast so it can boil to 1mm and be that thin. The dough is organic and they use all natural ingredients. This is the Prosciutto Pizza which I also absolutely loved! So darn goooooood.


Their menus changes weekly and is so far causing quite the buzz in Wong Chuk Hang. With people eating, getting to go back to the office, and having business lunches and even lounging around reading, writing and sipping on some coffee. 


And Daniel was kind enough to give us some awesome homemade desserts!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Service, food and environment were all bomb!! Loved everything about it. I DEFINITELY will be BACK! <3

3/3rdsUnit 22D, Yally Industrial Building, 6 Yip Fat Street. Wong Chuk Hang. Aberdeen. Tel: +852 3462 2951



<3 Always, Jess

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Cheese Heaven in Caprice Bar

Cheese Heaven…!!!!! I’m not joking about this place. Before I delve more into Caprice Bar…let me tell you a little bit about its neighbour/partner? I’m sure for most of us living in Hong Kong, we’ve all heard about the luxe and extravagantly grand, french fine dining establishment: Caprice….well a few brisk steps over is Caprice Bar. A safe haven offering delicious milky wines, drinks and cheese (along with other bar/entrees).


Beautiful view! We went into the luxe lounge and sat right in front of the giant floor to ceiling windows. :)


Two glasses of Gevrey Chambertin V.V. Dom. Geantet Pansiot 2009 (Pinot Noir). $240/glass. This went down our throats like milk…soooo good!


Drink up and soak up the sunshine...and wine ;)


Pick your bread! I really liked the hearty, crunchy baguette bread along with the delicious salty and milky butter.


‘A bit of Everything’ Cheese platter. $370. So, I heard to try out this cheese platter and I was absolutely delighted with how much beauty, yumminess and cheesiness this platter had! But my favourite was their specialty..the Comte Cheese…More about that a bit later!




Such pretty-ness, I cant seem to get enough!


Two more Bloody Mary’s for me!! I’m a big fan of this spicy cocktail that packs a punch….yummy! :D Favourite cocktail…or a Gin & Tonic.

Caprice Bar was soooo good…I went back again another early evening….


But this time, I only had the Comte platter……Aged Comte (aged 4 years) Cheese Platter. $320. A must try for all the cheese fans! Its amazingly good. And, theres a characteristic crunch of lactic acid crystals thats soooo awesome! LOVE this! You just have to try it for yourself.


I shall be back! :) Caprice Bar.

Caprice Bar. 6/F Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central. Tel: 3196-8860. No bookings taken at Caprice Bar.

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<3 Always, Jess

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