Hong Kong has many different cuisines… But good wholesome, hearty Italian food is definitely hard to come by. Especially for authentic pizza! I once wrote about No. 5 (post)…where I wondered could it be the Best pizza in HK!? Well, now I really might’ve found it…at GIANDO! I’ve been back twice since my initial visit…get ready for some carb-tastic pics!


BREAD Bag! :) Love the assortment of various choices! I went with the fresh breadsticks and crispy crunchy crackers!


Chianti Classico, a bottle for us to wine and dine….


Risotto w/ Shrimps, Crabmeat, Tomatoes & Sweet Peppers Powder $278...This tasted great! The hearty, savoury and absolutely aromatic- there was a strong seafood taste to it. Loved the lightness, sauciness and creaminess of it!


We got a half Parma Ham, Arugula, Parmigiano, Crescenza, and Mozzarella Cheese $238 (thats the one in the back) I really liked how all the pizzas were a top a thin pizza base and thin crust with a crunchy airy and light burst to it! YUM. Loved this cheesy deliciousness of a pizza.

as well a a half Spinach & Five Cheeses (Fontina, Gorgonzola, Parmigiano, Stracchino & Mozzarella $188 pizza!!! THIS by far however was my favourite! I LOVEEEEEEEEEED this. The strong, rich, tangy five cheese mix was- so darn good! I have no words…just try for yourself, esp good for those cheese lovers- like myself!


Black Truffle Paste, Mixed Green Leaves Mascarpone & Mozzarella $258 Pizza. This was just pretty good- but after having the five cheese and spinach pizza…that just sealed the deal!! There is a LOT of black truffles hidden behind that big bed of mixed green leaves.


Giando’s signature Tiramisu...Yummy! Nice, light and refreshing!


 3 scoops of ice cream/gelato and berries! I liked this more! Was feeling more for this cold treat! Definitely very goooood.

Giando, 1/F The Fleet Arcade, 1 Lung King Street Fenwick Pier, Wanchai, HK, 2511 8912

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<3 Always, Jess

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Taipei….. Eat with Jess in TAIWAN! We escaped to Taiwan for a few days and the first place we went to? A Western restaurant! But a very yummy one at that! This is a travel post, guys!!


Before I jet off to Taiwan, I have myself a Hot Soy milk Latte…but, Starbucks…tsk tsk tsk- I’m not Mr. Jassica…Hahaha. They really do have some good marketing! ;)


Fire Roasted Corn Salad NT$240. Basil, Overnight Tomatoes, Pickled Jalapenos, House Made Jalapeno Cheese & Balsamic Vinagrette. I really liked this! The house made jalapeno cheese had such a nice kick, and the fire roasted corn salad was perfectly made. I loved this dish! It was really yummy.


Deviled Eggs NT$180. Homemade Siracha, Crispy Charred Shallots. Another delicious treat! I loved the creamy, spicy egg topping. They were seriously delicious. I could have kept on going with this- I really wanted to order another order of this!


A mixed drink for me! And some delicious spicy almonds! :D Lovely.


Fried Chicken NT$480. Fried Local Herb Brined Chicken, Grilled Lemon & Roasted Garlic, Dipped in Homemade Siracha Honey Herb Glaze + NT$60. Oh wow! ANOTHER great main dish. I LOVEEEEED the crispy, crunchy, chewy outer fried chicken skin. And, the chicken meat was juicy, moist and tender on the inside. Dipped in a little of the honey herb glaze and homemade siracha sauce-Perfection!


Surf & Turf $380. Char-grilled Tripe & Squid in Tomato Stew topped w/ Breadcrumbs and Grana Padano. This soup was nice, light and refreshing- but definitely liked all the other dishes more.

If you go to Taiwan and you’re craving some Western eats- definitely check out this cool gastropub!! :)

EIEIO Gastropub, No. 8, Lane 14, Siwei Rd, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106: +886 2 2701 6000

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<3 Always, Jess

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Cafe Malacca

Cafe Malacca is the long standing restaurant in Traders Hotels (now called Hotel Jen and part of the Shangri-La Hotel Group.) They serve authentic Malaysian and Singaporean classic Hawker dishes- especially from Penang! (How exciting! I still remember going to Malaysia, Singapore- and just feasting away at all the delicious food!) I was excited to go for a Cafe Malacca for a tasting and see what all the buzz was about! Also they’re in this year’s Bib Gourmand Michelin Guide. Get ready for a feast!


I start with a Young Coconut Juice, one of my favorite drinks! Its light, smooth and refreshing!


We start with an assortment of appetizers recommended to us! This was 1/4 of the food we would end up consuming!!! Such a beautiful spread of food!!


Satay Chicken & Beef (usually comes with 6 pieces, ours is 4 pieces- tasting size) $82. Grilled chicken, beef skewers in traditional Malay marinade served w. an aromatic peanut sauce, rice cakes, cucumber and onion wedges. The skewers were sizzling hot- absolutely flavourful and perfectly juicy even without the accompanying Malay marinade.


Gado Gado; a warm vegetable salad w/ eggs, fried bean curd, peanut sauce dressing topped w/ Emping (Melinjo crackers) $68. I loved how fresh everything was. Usually it comes with the peanut sauce dressing already mixed in- but I honestly preferred that it wasn’t. Because I could portion out the sauce by myself!


Close up of the Gado Gado, atop a Melinjo cracker.


Beef Skewer close up! Absolutely smokey, flavourful and juicy! Look at that glaze!!!


Chwee Kueh $60 These are steamed rice cakes topped w/ a savoury and sweet radish & pickles. They have a chilli sauce on the side. The Water cakes are a famous Singaporean breakfast favourite or snack!! I LOVVVVEEEED these. I gobbled these up soooo fast. The texture is nice, sticky and similar to mochi with a fuller and warmer feel. I loved the dice radishes and everything about it was sooo good.


A glass of ES Vino Chardonnay, Finca Sophenia 2013. Per glass $30! Nice, crisp and light.


Rojak; a vegetable and fruit salad w/ Chinese crullers in a special Penang prawn paste rojak sauce, topped w/ a sprinkle of peanuts $62. This was my least favourite of the bunch. But it was just something I wasn’t used to! It’s very sweet, with a more of a sweet and sour taste to it.


Klang Bakut Teh; A Klang specialty of herbal pork rib soup accompanied by Chinese cruller and rice $98. SOOOOO GOOD!! I actually LOVED everything about this hot Bakut teh. This is definitely a favourite of mine and Cafe Malacca did not disappoint. It was sooo good. Flavourful, hot, perfectly savoury and sweet. The pork meat was soft and tender and I loved the fried Chinese crullers (and they gave us sooooo much!! BONUS!) as well as the tofu cakes!! Yum, yum, yum- will definitely come back for these.


Penang Assam Laksa, a signature Penang dish of thick rice vermicelli in a tangy and spicy fish-based soup, garnished w/ fresh pineapple, mint, cucumber, onions and ginger flower accompanied by a dash of black shrimp paste. $88. The soup base is completely home made- everything is all natural, and made fresh. Its more watered down- so it definitely feels lighter than the other laksa soup bases!


Some of the mains!!!! YUM!!!! That Bakut Teh…amazing!


Penang Char Koay Teow; a signature Penang hawker dish of stir-fried flat rice noodles w/ prawns, Chinese sausage, chives and bean sprout $89. This was another delightful main! I loved it!! The flat rice noodles were sweet, and in perfect texture with load of chinese sausage, chives, eggs and bean sprouts! So good.


Close up of the delicious Bakut Teh! One of my favourite dishes, for sure!! Want to go back for this.


Homemade Barley Water!


Desserts Trio!! We didn’t even dent this! (Till afterwards, for a midnight snack!) ….So much food!!!


Coconut Jelly; refreshing jelly made from fresh young coconut. No sugar added. $30 Really nice and light! I didn’t have too much of this.


Kuih Dadar; a rolled pandan- flavoured crepe filled w/ grated coconut in palm suagar. $32 This was great. I loved the texture, filling and again, another really light and healthy choice. I liked that it was a different take on pandan!


Durian Pudding $42. I’m not a fan of durian- so I didn’t have any of this! But it looked really good!


I went to the clubhouse, and saw my Baccarat monthly column out in display! I was sooooo full from dinner- but absolutely loved the entire dinner! The meal was terrific. And everything is very reasonably priced!!! Thanks for the tasting! I will definitely be back!!

Cafe Malacca, Hotel Jen, 508 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong. 2974 1234

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<3 Always, Jess

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