HELLO foodie friends. I know…I’ve been MIA…with the amount of work, being in Beijing, family flying in…my awesome food blog has been hit with a case of zero new blog posts..But fear not! I’m BACK. Also…to new readers, I’ve been asked if my meals are complimentary by the restaurant- and to clear some things. They are not! I just go out to eat a lot. All my meals are paid for by my friends, family or myself. IF the meal is comped…I will let you know its a tasting!

001 is sleek, polished and everything you want your secret, hidden doorway of a speakeasy to look and be like. The exclusive (its not really exclusive, just very hard to get a reservation- your lucky if they pick up your phone call but walk ins are welcomed…as long as they have space to accommodate you and your party.) I’ve frequented 001 in the past…for their oh so famous earl grey martini as well as my favourite…their grilled cheese. So one evening, after I was done packing for my trip to Beijing (more on that next time)…I frequented my favourite hidden doorway of a speakeasy for some good laughs, good times and gooooood comfort food.

*Previously no pictures were allowed of the space or food, but now its a-okay! Also, the menu now features new dishes but holds old favourites like grilled cheese (which has also been changed) and the creamalicious lobster roll!*


Started with a mini mixed corn salad on a slice of cucumber…alright 001, you’ve got my attention….lets get to the goooood stuff.


The Earl Grey Martini ($155), the signature cocktail at 001, and if you know me…I like my alcohol… 😉 especially a good cocktail mix or classic gin & tonic. The drink is smooth, sweet, with the perfect amount of gin to kick off your night….I hate to admit this. But I easily finished 4-5 of these this night. Creamy earl grey foam, tanqueray gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white complete this perfect cocktail. WHOOPS….hey, I’m about to go to Beijing for work!


Next up was…THE GRILLED CHEESE ($98)...okay, so theres been some changes….mainly the bread being of a thicker cut, but the cheese still did not disappoint. If anything…it got better..More, much more oozing, thick, sharp gruyere cheese. And with a side of tomato bisque, perfect for some sandwich dipping action.


SEEEE…oozing cheese...YUM.


The Clams w/ Chorizo ($158) was a welcomed new edition to the menu…and I absolutely LOVED it. I love clams and chorizo (Little Bao (post)…or mussels and chorizo!! GOOD…The clams were in a nice strong broth with beef reduction and some bread to soak up all the soup! YUM


Seared Beef Carpaccio ($88) with salsa verde came in next. This was pretty good. The texture of the beef was quite fatty, but nice and smooth. Not my favorite of the bunch…but still pretty good!


Godfather Smash’ ($145) Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Apricot infused Amaretto, lemon juice, mint, peach bitters, aromatic bitters went straight into my stomach. And ‘Alchemist’s Elixir’ ($160) Hendrick’s Gin, Yellow Charteuse, Lemon juice, pineapple rosemary shrub, egg white, celery bitters followed…I had one of these….


Fried Chicken ($88) with sweet miso or spicy gochujang dip was great! I didn’t really use the sweet miso sauce, but the spicy dip went perfectly well with these juicy crispy and crunchy fried chicken pieces.


Lobster Roll, Celery Mayonnaise, shoestring fries, ($188)...OKAY! THIS…I liked…no, loved. It was nice and creamy. Wish there was a bit more lobster…but I love Lobster rolls…and its been hard to find a nice, decent one in Hong Kong. But I loved the sweet buttery bun that sandwiches the saucy lobster meat and celery mayo. The shoestring fries were the perfect silent partner. Who doesn’t enjoy shoestring fries.

By this point…the rest of the drinks became somewhat more of a blur…Whoopsies….. 😉 But they were good!!!

001, Hidden side alleyway, 97 Wellington Street, 852 2810 6969

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<3 Always, Jess