10 Diet Tips for 2014

First off, I’m not a dietician, an certified trainer, nor pro/specialist at dieting or anything…But recently I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me about ‘How I Keep off the holiday weight’…or ‘How I diet’…. or ‘How I keep fit’/So here goes nothing. My two cents about dieting! Also, if your not looking for a diet blog post…Don’t worry- I have tons of food/restaurants/foodie posts…so go ahead and please skip this one!

Truth is…I’m not that fit, yet. Progress. Baby steps. (Like everything in life) Keep Chugging Every single day.


1) Get in the mindset. Want it. Strive for it. And, just go for it! Life is too short to get lazy and have excuses…Don’t do it tomorrow. Don’t do it at your NEXT meal. Do it at your..THIS meal. Come on! Try it.


2) Don’t Skip Meals!!! Big NO NO. Plan for them. If you are eating a big meal (like those oh-so-good crabs from The Boss post) …(I have a lot of dinners/ meals out…I make sure I eat light/healthy leading up to the meal) Its all about balance. Think of it like a quota…A bank account. You have $100 to begin with…You eat a big meal for dinner… roughly ….$60. Which means, Lunch/ Breakfast split it $20…$20. (It’s not always that easy…but try to split your meals and planning ahead for them.


3) Water is good! Water is your best friend! Sometimes when we think we are hungry…its just our brain signaling to us that we are thirsty. So go grab a big glass of water instead of the nearest crisps, chips or cookies! Say no. Also try and skip the carbonated drinks…soda, sugary drinks etc. And this rule. I need to follow even more strictly too. For those who know me…I really enjoy drinking Diet Coke…which is not good for a true person on a diet. This new year…one of my mini goals is to limit diet coke to two times a week. So far…the second day of the new year…so good! 🙂 LOL.


4) Everything in Moderation. If you are craving something crunchy, crisp…perhaps some sour cream n onion chip or some crunchy spring rolls (from Jockey Club post)...fill that craving! Because if you don’t …it may lead to a binge meal…and no one wants that. My cousin eats dark chocolate after EVERY single meal. And she’s in FANTASTIC shape. So…everyone try out what makes you fill good! Eat what you like. This doesn’t mean eating it every day. Make your cheat treat...just that- a treat!


5) Be Active. These are all simple steps to stay track on your diet. I’m not saying sign up for a gym membership– but maybe walk more, take the stairs at work! Living in Hong Kong…take the MTR- you save money and you save your waistline Win Win. 🙂


6) Sauces = Uh Oh. Sauces that are clear and light are your best bet. The creamy sauces are what you have to watch out for….The creamier, richer and tastier a sauce is- the more dangerous it is. You should even be careful of soy sauce. Soy sauce hides a lot of sodium…so its easier to bloat. Uh Oh, That Rice Topokki is Creamy and CARBY! Yikes…Be careful! It’s good…but trouble.


7) Get enough Sleep!!! Sleep does wonders. For your mindset, your mood, your skin, your lifestyle and pretty much about everything! Don’t skimp on sleep. The new episode of Suits, HIMYM or Walking Dead can wait. AND, when you wake up-its perfect time- for BREAKFAST (post)! 😉


8) Think Small! Portion size does matter. I’m back in the States for the holiday. I had NO idea…how much bigger the portion sizes are. And, they REALLY are. Remember your portion. Stick to small. Order Small! And once you are done…if you really want to eat more…order or eat something else…ONLY after finishing your small order. And, cut the processed food!


9) Eat lean proteins and load up on veggies at every meal! Try cooking more at home. That way you can control exactly whats going into your mouth and stomach. This is pretty much the secret to my diet… 🙂 Stock up on leafy greens! Boil, lightly stir fry! You are good to go!


10) Enjoy your life…okay! I’m getting off topic…but, I’m not!! Enjoying your life…having a good mood and a good mindset is crucial to a good diet! So go out and have fun! 🙂 Go for a brisk walk with friends, have a nice meal out, go watch a movie, go for a drink! Whatever you like to do…just do it!! Good luck on your 2014 diet resolutions!


BONUS: Eat REAL Food. Anything grown from nature is better than anything man made or processed! 😉

Join me for the ride to Eat Clean, Train Mean and Be Lean! (post) I tried something different with this blog post. Let me know if you want something more like this…or Nah, 🙂 Comment or leave feedbacks at eatwithjesshk@gmail.com

Happy New Year!!


<3 Always, Jess