My 12 Resolutions for the 12 Months of 2017!!

Holy Moly this year FLEW by. Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

First off, I’m incredibly thankful and grateful for everyone I’ve met, known, shaped, shifted, encouraged, and discouraged me. Thank you to my past, present and future. 2016 has been pretty big for me. Lots of ups, downs, new experiences, changes, lessons, memories and adventures. I filmed a movie which is Cuh-Razy to and for me (in the best possible way. Kickboxer: Retaliation...yes, super shameless self plug. I play Gamon.

She’s pretty kick ass. Hehehe Super thank you to Cissy Jie, Elaine, my team at Bullet Films and Bey Logan!)

I gained two new little nephews (who are the two cutest twins and I really need to see them more.)

I also finally started prioritizing my health (which for a long time I took it for granted. Some personal family things occurred- which were the best wakeup calls I could ask for.) There’s loads more, too many– started managing my money, I gained a Koala, my relationship with my family has never been better, I traveled more (woo hoo) and I started my own side business- but that’s for another day. 🙂

Happy New Year!

Enough yammering…here’s my super simple, fulfillable and personal 12 Resolutions for the 12 Months of 2017 that I want to share with all of you. There’s of course some other one’s but those go in my private journal.

*In no particular order*

  • Moisturize Every Single Day. This may seem like a silly one. But it’s really important. I used to be really lazy- where I would take off my makeup at night and then I would just somehow not put on any creams whatsoever just because it would take me all the more than 2 minutes to walk over to my bathroom, apply and return back into bed. In other words. Lazy and stupid. So for 2017- proper skin care regimen and sun screen-ing it up.

  • Read 1 book a month. Super sad, I know. This year I read a total of 4-5 books. And I am deeply appalled by that…I usually only read when I’m on the plane (for those long hauls, when I’m taking a break from napping or movie bingeing- so that doesn’t do too much.) So I definitely need to change that. I can remember the books that I successfully finished in 2016. #GirlBoss, The Girl on the Train, Lean In, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and $100 Startups. Omg. So just 5 books in one year?! Super sad. Trust me- I started a lot but never finished any of them. I re-read one: Crazy Rich Asians (for another reason) but all in all. That is sad. One book a month is really not that hard. So 2017- let’s get reading.

  • Walk 7,000 steps a day counting through my Health App. Yes. Above is just a sad sample of my steps for a few days back in November according to my Health app in my iPhone. So apparently walking 10,000 steps a day is the best for you….but who came up with that? So for me….averaging 7,000 steps a weeks is something I can maintain and something I want to maintain. Who’s with me on this get healthy and walk more bandwagon?
  • 6-8 cups of water a day. 6-8 cups is a good ball park. I’m talking about a real cup. Don’t be pulling a dixie cup or shot glass on me and counting that as a cup. No, no, no. REAL CUPS, people. Now go chug one now. There…don’t you feel better already?
  • Limit Diet Coke. To….7 cans a month. Just hear me out. Okay, this is a habit I should quit all together and I really want to and I would but I realized cold turkey doesn’t work. I was off Diet Coke for 2 months last year…and I rebounded and it was BAD. So instead of completely cutting it off- I’m going to limit my intake and save it for when I’m at the movies, out with friends, etc and by 2018…that new years resolution will be 0 cans of diet coke a month. 🙂

  • No more nails using soft gel. For the good part of 1-2 years. I have gone every two weeks to do my nails with soft gel (as you can see from that boba pic from above.) Recently I had a mini Woo-Ha moment and realized that this soft gel thing is A) quite expensive- averaging HK$1,000 each month- including pedicure too. B) It’s not the healthiest thing as my fingers and toes get an extra dose of UV exposure and gel manicure UV lights can possibly raise the risk of cancer. Those times you go and do soft gel nails really do add up. So you are now going to see some natural nails from me (maybe with a coat of nail polish from time to time!

  • Explore, Travel and have a mini adventure every month. When I say every month- I don’t mean travel every single month (that’s cray) but I mean go explore some place in HK that I haven’t explored yet and if I can..go travel the world!

  •  Cook or Bake at least once every single week. Thats totally doable and very, very healthy. I actually do it already…but I included the baking into the mix.
  • Learn Photography. This is something I’ve always been interested in and somehow always managed to put in the back burner. So my first step this year is to invest in a camera and then invest in some photography lessons. 🙂

  • Skype Home at least once every other day. <3 This is pretty straightforward. I used to skype/call them every day…but then I sorta sucked and stopped as much. My family is in LA and when I do see them…it’s just not enough. I message my grandma and parents every day but hey, a little face time every other day is totally doable. 🙂
  • Work, work, WORK!! This has a lot in this very broad and generic category. But I want to work more in terms of filming, acting, modeling, blogging and my new lil’ start up! 🙂 2017 is going to be a GREAT year.

  • Be Kind. Every Single Day. 🙂 Last but definitely not least.

  • *Lil’ bonus* Enjoy and eat more meals in 2017 and share it with all of you! Thank you again so much to every single one of you. I hope you, your family and friends all have an amazing 2017! And to celebrate- my very last giveaway (or very first giveaway for 2017) is a free dinner for 2 people at AMAZAKE! CHEERS Everyone. All you have to do is

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2) And when you reshare it…I want to know what’s ONE of your new year resolutions for 2017! 🙂

Lots of <3, Jess