1/5 Nuevo

My lovely sister, the media maid…has an awesome new job in… HK, no less! I’m so happy and beyond proud of you, jie. I have yet to congratulate her on this rather challenging feat. Sorry! For the lack of material..I actually have tons of food posts coming up!! Promise! Stay tuned! Anyway, jie’s the newest Social Media Editor and Feature Writer (quite a mouthful) at Time Out Hong Kong!!!

Challenging? Oh yes. She came from LA with nothing planned 3 months ago. No job, no meetings, interviews, nor plans. And, in under 2 months she was given the chance to do what she truly loves. (Read her blog. She’s an amazing writer.) Time Out HK, thank you SO much for hiring her and giving her this opportunity. I couldn’t stand her being home all the time. I kid, I kid, jie! You know i miss you. Every. Single. Day 😉

Ok…before I stray some more…we went to celebrate her new position at 1/5 Nuevo on Start Street in Wan Chai. Star Street is becoming a really hip eatery area!

My soothing cup of water?….. 😉
NOPE! It’s my seafood Gazpacho- tangy, refreshing and cold! Good start to clean my palette..
Sauteed Mushrooms. Perfectly drenched in olive oil!
Smoked Salmon/Seabass…citrus-y and gosh. you can’t go wrong with smoked salmon.
Grilled Iberico pork belly and beans….need I say more!? 🙂
BREAD! YUMMY HOT AND FRESH! Crispy on the outside, soft and dough-y on the inside!
Potato Brava neuvo-chorizo… Scrambled eggs and potatoes. I LOVE this place.
Churros ~ Lemon Sherbet~ Hot Chocolate Molten Cake 🙂

1/5 Nuevo made me a really happy girl. Food was great! Service was excellent. Our waiter must have filled my water cup 8-10 times (without me asking!) I drink a ton of water….and he passed!VERY satisfying meal with the one person I will share my LONGEST RELATIONSHIP with, EVER. (Let that sink in.) Think about it. Your sibling?!? They’re stuck with you, for better or for worse. Luckily, I’m very fond of this one.

I Love you. Your stuck with me. MUAH HA HA (Evil, menacing laugh.)

1/5 Nuevo 2529 2300
9 Star Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Elite Concepts is behind 1/5 Neuvo, I want to try their other restaurants. Do you guys have any recommendations? Or any other Spanish/Tapas places?! Let me know!

<3 Always, Jess