2016 New Year Resolutions


The Christmas festivities are long over but the holiday spirit is still in the air. You (and I) may both start to feel the holiday weight appear out of no where but have no fear….there is always next year! (Yes, I tried especially hard to make that rhyme…did you catch that?!)

It’s the holidays- for gosh sakes!! Christmas is by far my favorite holiday but new year makes for a pretty good second. The year has finally come to a close with numerous amount of new lessons, experiences and most importantly, memories. Now with every year…comes new year resolutions! I’m really hoping this sticks (for at least the month of January!) Haha. Here is my new year resolutions for the year of 2016.

In no particular order.


Write 3 positive things you do every single day.

Journaling more, jotting down ideas and taking the time to write 3 positive things I’ve done every single day. I got this great tid bit from Sheryl Sandberg (who I have a major boss crush on!!!)


Get FIT. (Every time, every year.)

Being healthy is super important and I feel like I finally started paying closer attention to my health. I’ve always been okay at “being healthy”. But in 2015, I lived for my bed. I made sure I got close to 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I made sure I made time for the gym. Rise early! Rather than whining, complaining or making excuses not to hit the gym- I just ended up doing it and loving it. If you are getting started on your road to health- a very good way is having a motivational friend/partner that also wants to do the same and you guys can be accountable for each other. So this year, I’m also aiming to GET FIT for 2016.


Cook 2 meals in one week (and no, steaming hairy crabs won’t cut it! :P)

I love baking but I don’t do enough cooking as I should so here’s to more recipes, cooking videos and learning much more about food in 2016. I’m being more specific and making sure I cook at least 2 meals out of the week!


Saying yes and embrace CHANGE

Oh man, 2016…here I come. Overcoming my fears and doing things I normally wouldn’t have done and embracing the change! Watch out world. I’m coming and there’s no stopping me. If you know me- you know I’m a big homebody. I live for my bed (like what I said earlier) and I’m a big creature of habit. I know what I like. I do what I like and in some aspects I’m quite routine about it. But not anymore (ok, ok, let’s not go overboard) here’s to trying new things and doing things that scare me.


Start a Business.

My food blog is something I’m really proud of and love. (Thank you Grace at Creative Fancy for the revamp this year as well as Modha, Cissy Jie and Jie for all the help!!!) who It’s become more than just a hobby. So first and foremost…Thank you all for reading. I’m so blessed to have each and every one of you. I count my blessings that you come back and read (or if you are a one time reader, or if you even just stumbled upon here by accident, whatever the case THANK YOU FOR READING!) Oh, but back to my main point: to start a business. I want to start something small (or big,) something I’m proud of, and something I will definitely share with you all.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 8.54.07 PM

Read a book a week.

So I got this from a TED talk but rather than read a book a day…I’m aiming to read a book a week. I love learning new things, talking about new ideas and getting lost into a good book. I’m not the most avid reader but hey, anyone and everyone can get started. There’s a whole world of knowledge in those books. So get crackin’! 🙂 I already finished one since the new year. How about you guys?


Drinking less. (No more bartending! 😉 Not that I ever was or knew how…but I am cutting down the booze!)

I love me a good drink...I ain’t gonna lie. But, I guess this falls closer to the GET FIT and get healthy bit. Yes, you heard me…drinking less alcohol in 2016!!


Skype my parents & grandma more. See people I love more.


I want to be more appreciative of things in my life and people in my life. I want to make sure I spend time with people I love and care about. My parents and grandma don’t live in Hong Kong but I’m fortunate we live in a time where technology is so convenient and I can Skype, we chat and whatsapp each other instantly. 🙂


Working more + money management.

I want to work more. 2016, I’m ready for you. I want to do a better job with my finances, spending and money management!! I want to invest more in different projects. Cheers! <3

Once again, thank you all for reading! I want to hear your new year goals so please share them with me!! Feel free to email me at eatwithjesshk@gmail.com or leave a comment 🙂

Have a beautiful and blessed year!!!!

Lots of <3, Jess