22 Ships

If you know me. You know I’m one of the biggest creatures of habit. When I like a certain song…I play it over and over and over again (until I EVEN start to dislike it…I’m talking about you, ‘How He Loves’- except, I still don’t dislike you). If I really like a movie…I go on and on again (until your sick of me reiterating those lines…I’m talking about you, ‘Love Actually’– which btw: I’ll be watching again..Christmas time! Fa La La La La). And, if you know me personally..If I like a food/ new restaurant…I’ll pretty chew up your ear about how yummy, mouthwatering…and enjoyable it was! Case in point- my older post TBLS. ( And, well now...I’m talking about you- 22 Ships!)

22 Ships is hot off the Spanish tapas craze (Jie’s Time Out article also highlights some need-to-knows about this ongoing tapa craze) that is slowly taking over the HK food culture scene. And, in one fell swoop- has also stolen my heart to be in my top 5 HK food experiences/restaurants thus far.

Helmed by the famed Michelin starred British export Jason Atherton, previously the executive chef at Gordon Ramsey’s Michelin starred restaurant MAZE, having restaurants in London, Shanghai…and well now, Hong Kong (THANK GOD!)

22 Ships is a new rather small eatery *seating only 35*. But it does A LOT with that. Having a NO RESERVATION policy- loads of foodies line up out the door waiting to dine at this simple, laidback, yet buzzy, hip, open layout tapas bar. It literally is considered a tapas bar. There’s an huge open kitchen, bar like counter top where revelers can marvel at the food being made right in front of you! Spanish al fresco dining at the best!! OKAY.. Let’s begin. I’ve kept you waiting long enough.

Jie, Viv and I anxiously waited for our food to arrive. Our eyes darting back at forth as marvelous food were served to other lucky diners! We finally secured prime spots at the bar overlooking all the food action.. πŸ˜€ SCORE! But big thanks to Mandy cakes and jie for waiting for our table! They came first to grab a number (insider trick…hint hint).

EGGS! Spanish Breakfast, Chorizo & Potato HKD98. Okay…It’s a simple soft boiled egg that’s rich and creamy (that yolk…is perfect, runny, and hot) with a hint of smoky spice from the chunks of chorizo. It’s a great, comfort food starter. Luckily my other foodies know how much I liked eggs…and let me scrape every last morsel πŸ™‚

Seafood- Scallop ceviche, yuzu dressing, soy, cucumber & apple HKD 108- Fresh, refreshing, practically melt-in your mouth scallops. It had a strong Asian tang from the yuzu dressing and soy- while being slightly crunchy and fruity from the apple and cucumber…. πŸ™‚ Another win.

Marinated Hamachi, gazpacho dressing & garnish HKD118.- The hamachi was also smooth, nice and refreshing- with a strong tomato flavour, but no match against its other seafood counterpart- scallops wins hand down.

However, the REAL stars of the evening is no doubt- the meat dishes….so, without further ado- I present to you…

Baked Smoked Bone Marrow, onion jam, & sourdough, gentleman’s relish butter HKD68.-Β  I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed this. The baked bone marrow had minced meat grounded in-giving it a more juicy substance to every bite. The onion jam was the perfect flavor enhancer. Adding a nice caramelized sweetness to the delectable marrow and crisp bread. TWO THUMBS way UP!

Char Grilled Iberico pork & foie gras burgers, avacodo & pickled cucumber HKD148- Okay..I’m sorry. I lied. It DOES get better. Who can resist the pull of the fragrant mini burger? It was life changing….or I was really hungry (That’s not possible…I’ve already had a LOT of food beforehand??) Two slightly buttered, crispy buns stuffed w/ juicy pork, foie gras and a giant pickle. If you do one thing. Just promise me, you’ll try this. πŸ™‚ Heaven inside a bun (excuse me- 2 buns).

Just for your pure enjoyment πŸ˜‰ (okay. MY pure enjoyment!)

Suckling Pig, Roasted apple w/ spices, piquillo, pepper HKD 148.– The suckling pig was also rather good…just those mini burgers already stole my heart (favoritism going on over here). The meat was juicy, tender, and fell off the bone *I kid you not* and the crispy skin was more than perfectly cooked. It was a large portion though- bigger than all the rest!

Roasted Lamb cutlets, creamed potatoes & spiced olive juice HKD188. -The lamb cutlet was rather succulent, but had the heavy, thickness game-y taste to it, that was too strong for me….and also my least favorite of the bunch (Still, I quite enjoyed it!)

“P B J” Peanut Ice Cream, mixed berries, salted peanut HKD 68.– DESSERTS TIME…we split this amazingly deconstructed PBJ dessert!!! Fresh, fruity and juicy sorbet, mixed with delicious peanut ice cream…and salted crunchy peanut pieces.. πŸ˜€ WIN!!!!!

Olive Oil Brioche, Chocolate Ganache, Sea Salt Pistachio HKD 78. -This was ANOTHER winner. Delicious milk chocolate ganache, crunchy toasts chunks, and chocolate crumble mixed right in. It was divine, creamy and just plain ol’ delicious. Sometime, I wish I had 2 (or 3) stomachs.

AND then..miracles of all miracles came- We got free desserts!! They gave us these delicious COLD caramel popcorn..that sizzles and fizzles in your mouth!! Thank you guys!!! πŸ˜€ * I will say….other patrons did not get these treats!! Yay us!* Btw, if you eat with Jess, you’ll know…I often get free desserts πŸ˜‰ That’s right! πŸ˜€ So…any takers? πŸ˜‰

Atherton has really brought a fresh scene on the Spanish Tapas scene. I’m going to bet, this place is going to delight food revelers for years to come. πŸ™‚ And, if not..well yay me! Less waiting time. It was truly an amazing dinner. I loved the buzz of the place, the fun flavors, lovable staff, and of course..the food. This was one meal, where girls night didn’t consist of us talking too much- except we just made countless faces of pure excitement!!! πŸ˜€ Don’t believe me? Go to Wan Chai, and try it for yourself. You BET I’ll be back. That’s a promise!

22 Ships 2555 0722

22 Ship Street,

Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Have a beautiful & blessed day, folks πŸ™‚ And, thank you for reading, responding and supporting! I’m super grateful for all the positive feedback and will continue to work harder. πŸ™‚

<3 Always Jess