24 Hours in Macau

This past Easter break…we decided to go for a super last minute trip to hit up Macau for some sun, fun, and FOOD! Here’s a breakdown of what we did in 24 hours in MACAU! 

African chicken from Gosto for the win! This was so good. Gosto was so delicious that we went for two meals here! 😉 More on that later.

8pm: Ferry over to MACAU! One hour boat ride from Shun Tak and you are in MACAU! After buying tickets with less than 10 minutes to spare…we were able to catch the 8pm ferry!

9:40pm: After arriving in Macau, going through customs and getting to Galaxy we went to Gosto’s for a very late but delicious meal. We were starved and happily gobbled up the yummy clams along with the other Portuguese eats.

10:00pm: Beef short ribs came and they were juicy and melt in your mouth type of goodness. Soooooo happy over this meal. We decided then and there to come back the next night.

11:10pm: Checked in to our hotel and went to our room to get some much needed shut eye! 🙂 Gotta enjoy the hotel room. We wanted to gamble…but once we got to our rooms…we were done for the day! ZZZZZZ.

9:20am: G’morning Macau. I woke up early and wanted to explore the hotel. Checked out the business center, grabbed a light breakfast and went to the gym!

10:30am: That hotel pool was calling to us…We had to go check out the Grand Resort Deck.

10:45am: Hello Wave Pool!

11:10am: After some wave pool action- we got an iced coffee and slushy to cool ourselves down before hitting the World’s Longest Skytop Adventure Rapids: RIPTIDE RAPIDS!! So much fun. That was a great highlight of this short 24 hour day trip.

1:10pm: After washing up we checked out of our hotel room and went to Tsui Wah to devour some much needed lunch. It was pretty packed- so we got a ticket and walked around before going back to wait for our seats. Took a good 20-25 minutes to grab a table.

2:oopm-4:30pm: It was on…Hello Casino!!!!!! We both got lucky, this time<3

4:50pm: After gambling for two hours we decided to walk around the gigantic Galaxy Resort and went to Ritz Carlton Cafe to unwind a bit.

4:55pm: Needed a lil’ pick me up!

5:00pm: What’s better than a giant cup of hot skim milk latte. 🙂

6:00pm: We picked up some local Macanese snacks to bring back to HK.

6:35pm: True to our words…we went back to Gosto’s! Whole sea bass. Super affordable.

7:00pm: They ran out of suckling pig the night before- but we were able to try it out this time.

7:20pm: Instead of a pitcher of sangria…I only opted for a glass of sangria this time. After dinner we gambled a lil’ more before heading back to HK! Made the 9:30pm ferry ride back and that’s my 24 hours in Macau @ Galaxy Macau 

Lots of <3, Jess