298 Nikuya

298 Nikuya Central has two branches. One in Sheung Wan and the other in Central (which is the one I went to). The place itself is nice and big. There are some booth tables for bigger groups, as well as an open grill bar area where we sat. The place was buzzing at this late hour! I was famished and ready to order. We may have ordered toooo much, for two people. But, you can be the judge.


Hello there, baby…


298 Homemade Kimchi $60. The kimchi was a nice starter- simple, crisp, and spicy.


298 Signature Salad $90. I really liked this salad. It had a nice ponzu and sesame oil dressing- but the best part was how crunchy and crisp the iceberg lettuces and seaweed were.


Ox Tongue $80. This was soooo good. The ox tongue had the perfect texture of hardness and chewy-ness!


Kalbi $130 and Prime Kalbi $165. The kalbi plates were huge. Granted there were two portions. The kalbi was nicely seasoned and the prime kalbi had a great fatty bit to it. It was great! But at this point we were both starting to feel full.


Grilling away. The smell was sinfully good.


Wagyu Sirloin wrapped Uni $180 for 3. For those who dare eat raw beef… this is a MUST order. Has two of my favourite things rolled up into one. Wagyu Sirloin wrapped around a creamy sweet uni strip. Its very very decadent and chewy.


Original Beef Yukke (Beef Tartare) $140. I was beyond full. But we over ordered in the beginning!! This was excellent. The Beef tartare was nicely seasoned and you mix in the onions and egg yolk for a creamy, crunchy experience.


298 Cold Noodles (half portion) $55. I love ordering the cold noodles everywhere they have it on the menu. This was pretty good, but I was so full at this point- I couldn’t even enjoy it.


Ox Tail Soup $90. Seriously, my stomach was going to burst. I had a small bowl of it…was my least favourite of the bunch and actually a bit bland.


Sliced Sirloin “Yaki Shabu” w/ ponzo $180. This was my kryptonite. I loveeeeeed this. Its sooooooo fatty. A few seconds on the grill is all you need and then it was PERFECTION. So fatty, savoury and amazing!


Sliced Sirloin Yaki Shabu $180. Close up of this fatty goodness…AH MAZING!


The food at 298 Nikuya is delicious, but it is overpriced. The portion is small (but we over ordered). For two people, with no alcohol was $1370. OUCH. I’ll be back, but I’ll order less and order the things that really stood out!

298 Nikuya Room 2/F Pearl Oriental House, 60 Stanley Street, Central. Tel: 3568 9298


<3 Always Jess