3 day health cleanse with NOSH

After pigging out and traveling around, lets jut say some REAL damage was done to my waistline. NOSH approached me about trying their NOSH healthy cleanses and I jumped at the chance. Yes, please!

The process is really straight forward. Sign up for a 1 day, 3 days or a 5 days low calorie eating plan. You can pick a western or Asian 1500 calories or 1800 calories plan. I went with a 3 day 1500 calories a day eating plan. It’s roughly HK$220+ a day.

I’ve tried juice cleanses before (and couldn’t last ONE day) so doing this 3 days MEAL plan was a delight. I’ve highlighted certain meals and included the menu for you all to see 🙂 For the most part- I stuck to it! 🙂

The meals are dropped off straight to your place between 7am-9am. Very prompt. One day I woke up at 7:45am and yes, my meal was already there. NICE! It contains breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They pass you the menu so you know what’s to come…what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

A close up of the clean packaging. First day flew by! It made life so much easier- knowing exactly what and when to eat.

Day 3’s breakfast option: Three colored cold noodles. Yum! Super hearty and filling. I actually couldn’t finish it all in one sitting. I’m not that hungry during breakfasts- so I save some for an afternoon snack!

This was one of the dinner options: the corn and assorted vegetable squid patty with gai lan in Ginger sauce and mixed grain!I usually don’t eat carbs at night (if I don’t have to) but every meal had them! They made all the carbs really healthy and delicious.

This one was my favorite meal!! Korean sticky chicken with brown rice and kim chi. I loveeeeed how tasty and flavorful it was. Totally didn’t seem like a low calorie meal. I was able to bring it to the salon with me and eat it there.

It was definitely a great detox experience. 3 days flew by. The second day was a bit hard- as I was craving my usual snacks, ex: chips or fries. But, I definitely felt satisfied from the meals and honestly felt lighter afterwards. The only con is  I didn’t have much of a social life during those 3 days. But hey after the detox, my jeans slipped on easier! 😉 WORTH IT.

Thank you Nosh! I’ll definitely try doing more of these meal plans- maybe try the western meal option next. 🙂

Peace, Jess