4 Special Places To Eat In Montréal

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For those who enjoy both food and travel, there’s nothing quite like exploring a new city known for its cuisines. The world is full of what we often refer to these days as “foodie cities,” and exploring them all is actually a wonderful way to travel. This sort of journey could start anywhere, but I want to talk about Montréal, Canada, which has a place among the best foodie cities in the world and is an interesting place to begin a culinary tour of the world.

What makes Montréal such an interesting place to start is that it’s known for great food without being known for any one thing (unless you count the popular Canadian comfort food poutine). Often referred to as one of the most European cities in the Americas, Montréal represents a sort of crossroads – between Europe and North America, between history and modernity, and ultimately between all kinds of cultural and culinary influences. As a result, it not only has a lot of great restaurants, but a diverse range of them.

These are four special places to eat in town.


Tiradito is actually the name of a Peruvian seafood dish, but the name has been co-opted for this Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant in town. This is actually a type of fusion popular enough to have developed its own name – Nikkei – and Tiradito does it about as well as any other place in the region. For this reason, as well as the place’s cool, modern atmosphere, it’s become one of the trendiest restaurants in Montréal.

Le Montréal

Throughout Canada, online gambling has been deemed legal for those over 18, which means most standard casino games are available on the internet. There are still brick-and-mortar casinos also though, and Casino de Montréal is probably the biggest and most impressive in Canada. As is typical of great casinos, it has some excellent restaurants as well, and Le Montréal is the best of them – a fancy but tasteful place with a modern gourmet menu.


Barroco is a terrific blend of modern and old-school. It’s one of the trendiest restaurants in the Old Town part of the city, and its layout is somewhat like a speakeasy. However, it’s also known for cutting edge cocktails and a regularly updated menu of tapas and Italian-influenced entrées.

Le Fantome

When this restaurant first opened in 2015, the very first big review gushed over it. The next called it one of the most exciting the critic had been to in ages. It’s a modern fine dining spot in which all the energy is focused on the plate, as stated by the critic just mentioned, and it’s fast become known as one of the best restaurants in town for true foodies. Le Fantome simply will not disappoint.

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