5 TED talks that are life changing

Question: What does the acronym ‘TED’ even mean?

Answer: Technology, Entertainment and Design.

Recently I’ve been spending a LOT of time listening to TED talks instead of my usual perusal of mindless TV binge watching- and I’m really glad. There’s a wealth of information on the internet and every time I read a good article, watch a motivational video and listen to an inspirational TED talk- I learn something whole spankin’ new.

These are the 5 TED talks that are life changing. TED: ideas worth spreading.

Susan Cain | The Power Of Introverts


Amy Cudddy|Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are





Gosh, there’s so many TED talks that also motivate and inspire me- but these are the 5 I think are really worth giving a listen to. Keep on reading, watching, listening, doing and learning! <3 Have a beautiful and blessed day.


Lots of <3 Always, Jess