8 course tasting menu at 3 Michelin starred Robuchon in Hong Kong

Hello readers!! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated so it’ll be a bang: an extravagant and decadent 8 course tasting menu at 3 Michelin starred Robuchon in Hong Kong. I’m so sorry! Wedding planning has really gone into full swing on my end. Even with all the planning…KK and I have still made time for our usual date nights. We try to have date nights every *other* week or whenever we can. 🙂 I haven’t been back to Robuchon in a few years so I was thrilled to go try their tasting menu for dinner a few weeks back.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon is the award winning three Michelin-starred restaurant in Landmark, Hong Kong. The restaurant is in every word- sleek. A grand wine library, filled with dark woods and accents of black and red decor and furniture outline the entire restaurant. The focal point is the grand open kitchen and the bar seats that encase the open kitchen. A modern French fine dining experience awaited us and we were ecstatic.


The service at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon was impeccable and they even knew we were recently engaged and congratulated us when the dessert arrived! I loved these little personal touches. Thank you to you all first and foremost for this memorable date night. <3

Watching the cooking action right before our eyes.

Inside this…is our 8+ course ‘The Best of Joel Robuchon’ tasting menu!! 

First up was their amazing homemade bread basket with an assortment of bread. My fave was the comte cheese roll…okay, that was a lie. They were all good. How do you even pick 1? Blasphemy.

Thank you fo the lovely treat! A glass of Charles Heidsieck Champagne.

Cheers boo! <3


First up was the Pour commencer: Parsley and white truffle gondola with comte cheese fondue which was truly delicious. The white truffle smell was heavenly and blended in perfectly with the crisp parsley and rich comte cheese fondue.

Next up was Le Caviar imperial de Sologne: Sologne imperial caviar in lobster jelly with cauliflower cream. This is a classic and Robuchon and I just have to say….dig all the way in and get a full scoop of all the layers!

Close up shot of the rich and savory caviar blended in perfectly with the lobster jelly and milky cauliflower cream. We polished off every single scoop and dare I say I even wanted to lick the bowl clean. Because I really wanted to. It was that good.

L’Oursin: Shining sea urchin cream with delicate fennel emulsion. Sea urchinnnnnn -my favorite! This was nice and hot with pieces of plump and creamy sea urchin in it.

La Truffe Blache: soft boiled egg on golden pearl rice with white Alba truffle and parmesan shavings. This looks like a small portion but it was surprisingly filling. Underneath the white Alba truffle pieces was the soft boiled egg. We gently popped the runny egg, added thin layers of the white truffle and parmesan shavings and scooped it up with pockets of crispy rice. The outer layer of the rice had a gentle crunchy texture that was fantastic.

La Langoustine: scampi raviolis with black truffle and baby cabbage. Wow. Just take a moment to look at these 2 pretty scampi raviolis. As you cut neatly through the middle of the ravioli- you see a very plump and juicy scampi which was incredibly tasty.

KK also ordered a bottle of red for us to go with our tasting menu!

Le Bar: Pan seared sea bass with spices and vegetable “verjuice.” This piece of sea bass was sooooo juicy and buttery and was wonderfully pan seared. The sea bass alone was already really well seasoned. I added only a tad of the sauce to add a bit more flavor to the fish.

Le Pigeon: slow cooked French pigeon with foie gras and mashed potato. WOWOOWOWOWOW! By this point of the meal- KK and I were extremely stuffed but how do we even turn this beauty down. The pigeon meat was beautifully tender and rich. The pigeon meat was so savory, soft and moist. As full as I was: I even managed to devour all the foie gras!

Special mushroom consume and their famous mashed potato…which I forgot to take a picture of!

Finally dessert! Le Calpico: Raspberry on light cream with berries coulis and calpico jelly. Super refreshing, tarty and light.

Thank you again so much for this nice touch! Had such an amazing night.

Lastly was L’Andoa: Andoa chocolate espuma with “Peta-Zeta” and pistachio granite. I’m more of a chocolate person so I preferred this dessert. What a terrific ending to our 8 course tasting menu! It truly was the Best of Joel Robuchon.

And finally the confectioneries. 🙂 The menu is HK$2,480 plus 10% service charge. It really is a wonderful experience because the dinner is amazing, satisfying and memorable. It is definitely a splurge but worth it for an anniversary, birthday or celebration meal. The whole meal took close to 3 hours but we enjoyed every bit of it.

This is by far one of my favorite dining experiences in Hong Kong! Thank you so much!! We shall be back.

L’Atelier de Joel RobuchonShop 401, 4/F, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central | t: 2166 9000 

<3, Jess