Afternoon Tea at Sav Hotel

We arrive at the sleek and beautiful boutique hotel in Hung Hom. Sav Hotel has become a frontrunner for their amazing buffet spread, delectable cakes, comfortable rooms with countless of cool cross overs with the art scene. I finally went one afternoon to try out their yummy afternoon tea set that SAV Hotel partnered up with Burts Bees on. (Everything has a bit of honey in it! Mmmmmm.) The space is spacious  with plush, comfortable white couches as well as an amazing outside rooftop patio area.

Afternoon Tea at Sav Hotel 🙂


This was definitely a feast for our eyes. There’s soooooo much food. We ordered a few sets of the afternoon tea set for two people at HK$358! (It looks like it could feed 4 people instead.) The afternoon tea set is served from 15:00 to 17:30. So book early and come check it out! Ladies, it makes for a great picture. Goooood lighting too 😉


I went with the Organic Rose and Daisy Tea….super soothing, hot and healing. I asked for a few refills of this lovely drink cause it was just too good to pass up.


We are ready to eat. Lots of food coming our way!!


Some of the sweet and savory snacks! They had organic orange blossom honey and cheese tart, honey apricot donut, honey wanna cotta, plain and raison scones and other savory snacks- perfect for me! I usually love the savory bites from afternoon tea sets!


So many treats…The savory dishes included an assortment of yummy delights!


We had cream cheese stuffed with celery and chamomile dill smoked salmon, parma ham and asparagus roulade with peppermint jelly, mango, aloe and scallop cup with citrus organic sunflower honey, peach and organic orange blossom honey lobster roll, acacia organic honey glaze chicken with black pepper crust and acacia organic honey coconut cream lobster vol au vent!!! Phew….that was a mouthful. I’m literally drooling thinking about it all again!


Cheers! I’ll be back to Sav Hotel to try out their other special crossover collaborations!! 🙂

Hotel Sav | 83 Wuhu St, Hung Hom, Hong Kong | 852 2275 8888

Lots of <3, Jess