Agnès B- Le Pain Grillé – La Loggia

What a beautiful Sunday! 🙂 Jie, Rebecca and I went to a lovely brunch before heading off to church one lovely Sunday afternoon. I’ve never been inside Agnes B and boy, was it stunning! Spacious, beautiful, luxe decor sprawled along the dining area. Agnes B, transports you into a Parisian, French eatery (as long as you don’t look out those large windows 😉 )Large, glossy windows and mirrors lined the walls- as glorious sunlight streamed in!


Why..Hello there 🙂 Seriously, it was such a gorgeous Sunday…Thank God for such a lovely day. Lets get to what your really reading this for 😉

THE FOOD (of course)– Sunday Buffet spread….Look at those macaroons! 😀


Hot, buttery, flaky goodness….. croissants. Plus, semi-melted milk chocolate chunks melded into the centre…*Pain au Chocolat* 😉 is the official name! I had a baking class where I made croissants… Croissants are originated from Vienna, viennoiserie baked pastry – which simply means, it’s baked goods chock full of yeast, butter, eggs, flour, loads of sugar, good ol’ milk- mix it all up- a sinfully buttery sweet puff pastry- Croissants! Voila!

Buffet plat #1- Roasted Vegetables (Big fan of squash, zucchini, and bell pepper family), smoked salmon, mixed salmon salad, Salmon waffle cone….are you sensing a salmon trend? 🙂 Light and refreshing start

Buffet Plate #2- More Salmon 😉 Salami, Oysters, and mixed salmon salad 🙂 There was a buffet plate #3- including macaroons, fruit, and a bite of that…chocolate croissant 😉 (which btw did NOT disappoint)

Jie & Rebecca!

Poached egg, green asparagus & white truffle flavored Hollandaise sauce -Jie ordered looked mighty pretty 🙂

Oeufs La Loggia-poached eggs on toast, served with smoked haddock, creamy Pommery mustard sauce & salmon roe- Rebecca’s egg benedict! MMMMMM 🙂 Looked mighty pretty, as well!

Oeufs brouillés à la truffe noire-black truffle scrambled egg in crispy puff pastry- MINEIt was glorious….Soft, hot, fluffy scrambled eggs w/ a strong rich black truffle taste over a CRUNCHY crispy puff pastry…..The soft texture of the eggs over the crispy pastry tart was divine! I loved this..and you know me, I LOVE my eggs.

Seafood linguini pasta in light creamy white wine sauce-Jie’s linguini…I had a small forkful swirl. It was nothing spectacular but that creamy white wine sauce was great!

The chef’s daily fishFor Rebecca- I’m not exactly which fish it was..but seriously Agnes B- excellent job on presentation!

Dos de saumon grillé- grilled salmon steak, bearnaise sauce & green salad- My salmon was slightly overcooked, dry, and somewhat tasteless (needs to have some sort of seasoning)….the butternut squash mash on the other hand was terrific! Light, sweet, and soft…with a hint of garlic! No complaints on the mash!

Then…. it was a awesome church day for the cousin- Yu Jie, the cutie pie niece, jie and me! 🙂 Perfect Sunday!! 🙂

Just FYI- Agnes B Sunday Brunch (11:30 to 15:00 every Sunday) will run you…..

588 for adult with alcoholic drinks

398 for adult for non alcoholic drinks

1/2 price for kids under 12


Agnes B 2805 0798

Shop 3093 & 3096-3097, La Loggia,

Podium Level 3, IFC Mall, Central, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess