Aladdin Mess


Have a BLUEatiful day! 😉 Here’s an oldie post….

After an intense Body Combat class @ Pure Fitness, G and I headed to CWB to get some nourishment!

ALADDIN MESS in Causeway Bay. Hidden above a busy street on Russel Street in Causeway Bay. Climb up some rickity stairs and you are in Indian food nirvana. It’s a tiny little establishment. But the food was legit. Fresh, fast, and extremely authentic.  Indian Food, how I LOVE theeeeee. Be warned…extremely strong curry smell will be lingering!


Garlic Naan..How I also love you. Light, fluffy, oily, sprinkled with bits of garlic, minced carrots, and a very generous portion of oil.


Chicken Tikka Marsala. OMG. Love. Love. Loveeee..too much! 😉 How to describe the amazing-ness that is Chicken Tikka. First off…it’s Creamy, buttery, sweet, yet savoury. The technique behind the perfect Chicken Tikka is to use boneless chicken and slowly cook it in a clay pot. Then you had curry, yogurt, and lots of herbs and spices. The direct translation of “Tikka” is “pieces & bits”. It’s flavourful and delicious beyond belief. Possibly one of my tops in a dish.


Cottage Cheese Spinach. G’s order! Yummmy…a “lighter” curry dish. The cottage cheese is nice and light mixed in with the hearty spinach curry… 🙂 Happiness.

Aladdin Mess, 2/F, 60 Russell St, Causeway Bay

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Have a great, blessed and BLUEautiful week!

<3 Always, Jess