Chef Richard Ekkebus is the culinary director (wizard) behind The Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s signature restaurant, Amber. Under Ekkebus’ leadership (culinary magic tricks) Amber was awarded 2 Michelin stars for four consecutive years AND part of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for the past 3 years. Not Bad Mr. Ekkebus, Not bad at all.

So the other day- the fam bam, friends & yours truly went to try their lunch set menu.

Details Below-

Offered from 12:00noon with last order by 2:30pm

3-course menu HK$518

4-course menu including illy coffee or jing tea HK$748

with a premium single-origin coffee: mocha add 28 or blue mountain add 58

Amuse Bouche- Crab Meat Stuffed Poppers (Left)- These stuffed cheesy mini bite sized poppers were a crunchy and crabby (get it?) delight!

Foie Gras Lollipops (Right) These were surprisingly DELICIOUS. A) I do not like foie gras. B) I do NOT like foie gras. However, this… I liked. A Raspberry candy coating wrapped the juicy, smooth and rich foie gras. 🙂 MORE PLEASE!

My- Globe artichoke & cep mushrooms ‘à la grecque’, fresh hazelnuts with sapporo barnabes bacon & summer leaves– The globe artichoke was definitely light & refreshing. The artichoke was light and had this subtle sour tang to it- Interestingly likeable! A healthy refreshing starter.

(We were a big group, and I didn’t taste test the other choices…so the ones with no descriptions! You know why :))

Cauliflower Soup– THICK, CREAMY, & absolutely delicious looking!!!!

Tasmanian Salmon belly, confit & served cold served with periwinkles, grey shrimp & dill as a ‘vichyssoise’– Also looked looked mmmm mmmm delectable.

Duck foie gras ravioli, enhanced with espelette chili light purée & velouté of hokkaido corn- 🙂 So pretty.

Iberian Pork ‘Pluma’ dusted with ‘quatre épices’ then char grilled, kabocha pumpkin, fresh hazel nuts & vintage sherry vinaigrette- I WANTED to get this… Oh my God. Look how beautifully cooked that is.

Line Caught Atlantic Cod -pre-salted then roasted with espelette & serrano ham ratatouille & coulis of bell pepper & olive oil – I ordered this 🙁 Looked nothing like the above. The presentation in Amber is amazing. Those colorful pieces are all a blend of vegetable ratatouille blend. My cod was over cooked and not as juicy or saucy as I was hoping for. A little bland an under seasoned…but I’ll give it to them with the presentation…

Mini Milk Chocolate dipped Vanilla Ice Cream Pops- These were amazing. Refreshing, sugary, creamy, milky & cold! Whats not to like??


Manjari 64% chocolate -chocolate ‘délice’ with bitter chocolate glaze & passion fruit sorb–  😀 MMMMMM…Look at that rich, smooth chocolate…….. 🙂

French Farmer Cheeses matured by Bernard Anthony….Cheese Heaven…..

Chestnut- ice-cream, brown rum marinated raisins & pastry ‘diplomat’ cream served as a deconstructed ‘mille-feuille’- Your killing me here!!! :((( Why does everything look sooooo good.

Victoria Pineapple-with sea salt, espelette chilli & extra virgin olive oil ‘caviar’– So this was…. mine. I’m dieting 🙂 a tad sad compared to everyone else….. 🙁 But…I make the best of what I can! Delicious, sweet, and spicy (chilli flakes). Until I popped that olive oil bubble. It was just …..olive oil????? I don’t know how I feel about this dessert….

Petit Fours…an assortment of candies, chocolates, bite sized sweet confections!! 🙂

FAM BAM!!! <3 Top Row- Yu Jie, Jazz, Me, Leona, & Cissy Jie

Bottom Row- ABUUUU & Nima! 🙂 Grandma & Auntie!

Love you Abu bu! 🙂 Look at that smile……Blessed.

I can understand why Amber is a Michelin 2 starred restaurant. The ambiance, fine dining experience & staff is terrific. The presentation and preparation of the food is exquisite. What else can you ask for?? Only thing- perhaps taking out the olive oil in desserts 😀

Have a great week!!! It’s FINALLY December, and if you know me…I LOVE this month. I do want to say thank you so much for reading! 🙂 This past weekend I celebrated my birthday and I must say I’m so touched, moved & loved. Thank you, guys. You can expect a LENGTHY 2 (or 3…I have a lot I want to share) part blog post coming up! And in following the Christmas spirit… EXPECT a blog post EVERY DAY (that’s working days- Monday thru Fridays) 😉 !!! So please keep coming back and reading. I can’t wait for this new year!!!!!! <3 Christmas…2013.. Here we come!!! <3

Hello, December!!!

Amber 2132 0066

7/F, The Landmark Mandarin Oriental,

15 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess