Amazing, classic, traditional fine dining staple in the heart of Happy Valley. I present you, Amigo.

Opened in 1967, Now into it’s fifth decade of operations, Amigo is one of the pioneer restaurants in Hong Kong to serve Western-style fine dining. Inside the Amigo Mansion is a complete Spanish hacienda filled with custom antiques, artworks, hand-carved wood, and romantic decor frame the place. Featuring a nightly live band to serenade you and your party. It’s ideal for romantic dates, anniversaries or even family dinners (fun atmosphere- albeit a bit serious). It’s excellent fine dining…at a price.


YAY!!! 🙂 Amigo has been upholding a tradition of having your name etched on a tiny notepad! 🙂


Me and my main course….which I’ll show off below… 😀 Ready for a Lobster Feast!? 😉


Scottish Smoked Salmon/Saumon Fume D’ Ecosse $320. This was my appetizer…and it nice, thin pieces of smoked salmon with all the condiments…egg whites, onions, creme fraiche and dill. Refreshing starter…but honestly…at $320 HKD…thats $42 USD! Be prepared to spend a lot.


Sliced Raw Beef Prepared with the Chef’s Own Recipe/ Filet De Boeuf “Mongolian” $300. -This was  AWESOME. Drenched in a special sauce….the beef was tender, ‘melt in your mouth’ goodness!! Each mouthful was packed with flavor!


Lobster Soup Served with A Touch of Cognac/ Bisque D’ Homard Au Cognac $175 -Fresh lobster bisque (my favorite soup, ever. I wonder if it’s cause it contains alcohol in there 😉 JK). Our waiter brought an cognac bottle and poured a generous helping! It was creamy, thick and loaded with juicy lobster and aromatic herbs!


A Famous Oyster Soup baked in a Puff Pastry/ Fumet D’ Huitres $180. The famous oyster soup comes in a beautiful puff pastry casing! You pop it, mix it in. MMMMMM


Lychee Shorbet help us clean our palette and get ready for the main course!


Succulent of Lobster Saute with Ginger, Spring Onion & Chablis/ Homaed A La Chablisienne $Seasonal Price. I was feeling very seafood-y, lobster-y…and I ordered this. It’s very similar to a Chinese style Lobster. Jumbo pieces of scrumptious lobster meat. The presentation itself was intense! It was sprinkled with green onion garnish, onion dressing and ginger sauce. I really enjoyed it and No, I did not finish all of it. It made an amazing breakfast and lunch. (Yes, I had lobster for breakfast and lunch). 🙂


Grilled Prime Veal Chop with Black Pepper Sauce/ Cote De Veau Grille Sauce Au Poivrade $560. I had a tiny bite. The veal chop was thick and plump, but somewhat dry. It definitely needed the black pepper sauce for taste.


Sides of Vegetables-Brussel Sprouts, Potato Gratin, Carrots, Mashed Potato, & Spring Vegetables. I really enjoyed the sides. Needed to get some veggies in me! Cute presentation.


Bite Sized Ice Cream Chocolate finish off the night.

Amigo is definitely a fine dining experience worth trying! After being serenaded ‘Just the Way You Are’ by the live band, terrific and friendly service (glass of water was never less than half full), to the Red Rose given out at the end of the night (To the ladies. Sorry, fellas!) I must admit…I left smiling! The only thing not worth smiling about. The price. It’s sky high. So be prepared to hand over a forkful. 🙂


Shine On.


Seriously, Shine On. Have a beautiful and blessed week, everyone!

Amigo, Amigo Mansion,

79A Wong Nei Chong Rd.,

Happy Valley.

Tel: 2577 2202

<3 Always, Jess