Girls Night Dinner 🙂 Yu Jie, Jie, Vivien, Valerie & Me!

Before I go into my post..I must say….I wrote this post twice- so bear with me! 🙁 But nonetheless…here it is. Also, big thanks to Vivien for bringing along her camera- pictures courtesy of Miss Liang!

I’ve heard of AMMO for quite some time now, and I’ve been meaning to go! I couldn’t make it to their soft opening and there were other nights that just ended up not working out..but lo and behold- girls night out did work out! YAY us!

Just opposite the Shangri La Hotel in Admiralty, Ammo is magically hidden from view. The restaurant sits prettily adjacent to the Asia Society. As you walk in- it magically transforms you with the beautiful floor to ceiling windows, posh, upscale metallic decor, and fun bar/lounge dining area!

Bread BasketCrunchy olive bread slices which were just alright…

Everything looked great on the menu…so we decided to leave to deciding to the waiters!

(Far Back) Fresh Fig with cecina and crispy panissa

(Middle) Wagyu Beef Cheek with polenta and brioche toast

(Front) Cantabrico Anchovies on Bread. with unsalted butter and Alta Mura bread

Fresh Fig with cecina and crispy panissa The fig was plump, juicy, and fresh! The cecina was perfectly salty- a great mix of sweet and savory.

Cantabrico Anchovies on Bread w/ unsalted butter and Alta Mura bread This was actually my least favorite of the 3. It was like swallowing a big scoop of salt 🙁

Wagyu Beef Cheek with polenta and brioche toast- And then..this made up for the salty anchovies! The wagyu beef was slightly sweet, juicy and full of flavor!

Porcini Croquette with potatoes, egg and Japan breadcrumbsThis was delicious!! Crunchy on the outside…warm, hot, melty deliciousness on the inside!!

Buffalo Mozzarella Panna Cotta with caper, candied tomatoes and canavies island red prawnNice and crispy (like a crunchy spring roll wrapper) But the mozarella was a miss for me- somewhat under seasoned.

The tapa’s menu is only served during dinner, but we were all much more invested in the pasta…and they did not disappoint!

Burrata Cheese Ravioli with Peking duck ragout and orange julienne- OMG! This was SOOOOO good…… Hot oozing cheese enveloped inside the raviolli…..It was flavorful, saucy, and ooooh sooo cheesy.

Spaghetti with Japanese clams and basil This was really simple, light and fresh. All the other girls loved this, but this was probably my least favorite pasta! I definitely prefer the cheesier,heavier, and creamier sauce. (AI YA!)

Jie, Me, and Vivien! :DDD On one side…

On the other- Yu Jie & Val! 🙂 Girls night for the win!

Spaghetti alla Cacio e Pepe with pecorino and Italian sausage- This  veal and pork meatballs were juicy and well seasoned. The pasta sauce was strong, creamy and hearty! After the five of us split this pasta…we realized we were still hungry…so whats a bunch of girls to do? ORDER MORE!

Sangria‘s 🙂 I prefered the red wine sangria- really fruity, refreshing and sweet!

AMMO’s Signature
Red Wine, Cognac, Cointreau, Pomegranate Juice, Cranberry Juice, Raspberry and Blueberry 

White Cooler
White wine, Cucumber, Green Apple, Apricot Brandy, Apple Juice, Sugar Syrup, Lemon Juice 

Fettuccini with ossobuco ragout- Cheesy (I LOVE ITALIAN) …Goodness…I love fettuccini pasta, and the ragout sauce was creamy, milky and cheesy!

Homemade Tagliolini with tomato sauce- So simple, so straight forward. So good. Satisfying, comforting, delicious basil and chunky tomato sauce… 🙂 Very nice. The pasta dishes really made the night!

Traditional Tiramisu with ladyfingers, espresso, mascarpone cheese, Kahlua and cocoa power- The tiramisu was divine! Subtle coffee flavor, soft, cake-y and creamy! The presentation, however was not. Wrapped inside a martini glass…it was difficult to scoop and share among us girls!

Prosecco Jelly with Champagne sorbet Again, the difficulty of the martini glass…the jelly itself was lighter- but more on the bland side. The champagne sorbet, however was both unique and surprisingly refreshing!

Pan Fried Brioche with homemade vanilla ice cream We went ‘Ga Ga’ over this. A thick, hearty, brioche- similar to a french toast, crispy on the outside, moist, fluffy and soft on the inside! The bonus- it was coated in a thick layer of cinnamon, with a dallop of vanilla bean ice cream…..Perfect cap to the evening!

Overall, AMMO’s was great, good food, good service, good atmosphere… But it was a tad over hyped for me! 🙂 Anyway, girls night was a success!!!! 🙂 Until next time…


AMMO 2537 9888 

9 Justice Drive,
Admiralty, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess