Fine Dining at Arcane in Central from Shane Osborn

Arcane is from the very much celebrated chef- Shane Osborn. Osborn is the first Australian Chef to achieve one and two Michelin stars at Pied-a-Terre in London. I had heard numerous buzz and acclaim before I came in for my tasting! The spacious 2000 square feet space is beautifully simple, clean and lively (not your typical quiet fine dining experience.) On a Monday night- the restaurant was filled to the brim. Alright, let’s get to the delicious food already.

Accompanying every course was a lovely glass of wine or champagne to go along with it! 🙂

Comte cheese…so good!

Dessert Wine

Cannoli and truffles <3 to end the evening with. Loved the hearty bit of cannoli bites! I had a great time at Arcane and can’t wait to come back. Simple, fresh ingredients that absolutely pop. 🙂 Loved it.

Arcane | 3rd Floor, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong | 2728 0178

Lots of <3, Jess

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