Beijing’s Qianmen Street! Oldest Shopping Street in Beijing

Beijing’s Qianmen Street is the super well known shopping area- a wide and narrow street for tourists and locals alike! A lot of the shops exterior are still in their original form (except the inside have been transferred into hipster coffee shops, cool book stores and even cooler art galleries tucked neatly inside.) It’s a shopper’s paradise especially since it’s right in the heart of Tiananmen Square- adjacent to Temple of Hevean, Forbidden City and Da Shi Lar to name a few. Perfect for those wanting to check out the touristy stuff. I went to QianMen right after a lovely brunch at Rosewood Hotel.

Wonderful Spring afternoon in BJ. Finally checked it out for myself! If your looking for more of a Beijing foodie post…here’s another one of my Peking duck posts as well as this one.

Went inside Soloist Coffee Co. (there’s a few of these around Beijing) for a quick perk me up! Love the take away Gold cups.

They do a nice cup of hearty and rich drip black coffee.

A slice of red velvet heaven cake.

A cup of cold brew latte! Only thing is…no ice in the drink…so it was barely cold. 🙁

Love this pretty colored shop! Pink + Blue <3 Such a pretty combo.

Bookstores galore. This was the 2nd or 3rd book shop (journal shop) we walked into and one of the only ones that allowed us to take a picture of the interior.

This was a ‘coffee shop/station’ in the back of a souvenir shop.

Old school charm….all the way down!

Walked along and explored a neighboring street as well. We didn’t walk too far into QianMen…it was just too long, with too many people and way too many stores but still cool to check out! Check back for more EatwithJess and TravelwithJess posts!

Hope you enjoyed this TravelwithJess- Beijing edition! More travel posts coming soooooon.

Lots of <3, Jess