Bensons in Happy Valley operates across Benson Crab & Wine store. Most of the restaurants fresh seafood, crab, oysters are all from the grocer store! It’s a small hole in the wall on one of the main streets in Happy Valley. They serve a la carte menus and set tasting menus and from September to December…they have a special set menu that features crabs and hairy crabs from their supplier- across the street. The food is pretty good but definitely expensive for what your getting.


After a Lane Crawford event w/ Yu Jie…I caught a late dinner at Benson’s in Happy Valley.


Caesar Salad w/ Royal Scottish Smoked Salmon $180. The smoked salmon was quite fresh and it was your basic caesar salad.


We went with a dozen oysters! It’s 6 oysters plus a glass of champagne for $376 X 2 = $752. The oysters were definitely very good! It’s fresh, juicy, and succulent. We loved the first platter so added another 6! These were good.


Cream of Porcini Mushroom Soup $95. The mushroom soup was nice, creamy and hot. But yet again definitely not worth $95.


Pan Seared Salmon w/ Passion Fruit Butter Sauce $320. The fish was well executed and flavourful. But nothing too spectacular.


Assorted Cheese Platter $220. I never loved cheese so much since I came to HK….and  I especially loved the blue cheese crumblings! The dessert and starters were better than the mains… :/ A ordered the tasting menu- it was alright but nothing too spectacular.


Here’s some press coverage for the night! Hope you all have a happy and blessed week!

Benson Cuisine & Wine,  12C Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, Tel: 2893-6900

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<3 Always, Jess