Berries, Beets, Believe

Today is Day 3 of my change! Eat ‘HEALTHY’ with Jess. If you haven’t heard about it…read my last post, which I so conveniently linked for you right here -> DREAMS POST! I honestly feel lighter, refreshed and energized for the entire day. Don’t get me wrong…there’s moments of weakness (I’m human). But what I want…well that’s bigger and better of feeling (post), than any “moments of weakness” will/can deter me from.

For anyone going on a diet lifestyle change. You CAN do this. It’s all about your mindset. What do you want (post). And, how BAD do you want it (post).


Last nights dinner consisted of some cold, sweet Japanese vegetables..along with some other healthy alternatives, like a roasted pork loin!!


Breakfast: A Green Juice- Kale, Celery, Green apple and ice! Blend it all in. AWESOME, juicy, tasty, and refreshing….Lasted me for a long time….


Blueberries for a snack…I pack it in the freezer. They are like little mini Dippin Dots… but much healthier! Any way to make a healthy snack even more fun…Why not!?! 🙂

Lunch: Steamed Chicken & Side of Broccoli which I made myself…but don’t know why I forgot to snap a picture of it!!!


Other snacks consumed: Beets…peppered and splashed w/ a drizzle of vinegar...and you are good to go!!!  Beets are such a super food: Healthy- packed with loads of nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron and phosperous! It’s a high fiber food and super low in calories (which means- it makes it easier for you to digest and helps you in that department) vitamins A and C as well as niacin! It also helps guard you against Cancer! WOOT HOOT AND…there’s ZERO trans fat and ZERO saturated fat! WIN WIN WIN…So stock up…they’re available all year round!

Believe you can and you are already halfway there.

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Thank you sooo sooo much for reading and all the positive feedback! Email me, comment, like…with any questions, anything :DDDD! OVER 700 views 🙂 <3 So blessed. Have a beautiful and blessed Wednesday!!!! Thank you Sar for the fan mail!!! <3 SO GRATEFUL.

<3 Always Jess