Best Burgers in Hong Kong

The BEST burgers in town. Or my search for the best burgers in this city. Burgers and fries pretty much come hand to hand. To be honest, I don’t always crave burgers, but once in a while- a piece of juicy, succulent, meaty beef patty sandwiched perfectly between two thick fluffy buns (along w/ tomatoes, lettuces, whatever you like) is everything you need to get your hands on. Here’s my list of the BEST burgers in HK (remember, I haven’t blogged about all the burger joints!! Jut a list of the ones I like)…In NO particular order…I present you my list of the BEST (blogged about) burgers in town!

Common Room’s (post) mini wagyu foie gras beef sliders easily does the trick.


Triple O (post) still remains one of the best burger destination chains, serving top notch juicy burgers! (BONUS: loads of location to get your burger fix)


Beef & Liberty (post) dishes up classic beef burgers, simple sides, salads, and fries with various dipping sauce.


Grand Central (post) has a massive burger…at a price (Above $200) but they come with the best side of skinny fries!!!! <3


Cafe Causette (post) offers a lighter version. A veggie burger made completely out of soy & tofu! For the vegetarians!


Let me know if you think there’s any other burger places I need to go try!! <3 🙂 Thanks for reading! Have a great day.

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<3 Always, Jess