Best Invention: Pepper Lunch

If I didn’t worry about calories or the battle of the bulge…well then, Pepper Lunch would be ONE of the best inventions ever.

Who ever thought about slapping white rice, tender yet flavourful meat of choice (they have salmon too!! I know…because I picked that), butter (remember this is a dream where calories don’t exist), a secret sauce blend-sweet soy sauce?!, a perfect runny egg yolk (EGGS!!!) some awesome veggies like CORN and last but not least…a generous hosing of  pepper all atop a burning hot skillet!!!!!!!! BAM….Now, I am officially craving Pepper Lunch…Ai ya. EAT CLEAN, JESS!!! 😉


Beef…was the meat of choice! Cheese (optional) added in!!


The crispy, sauce-ization of the rice! OH YEAH….


Mix Mix Mix… 😀 Smile. Eat. Inhale. Enjoy.


MINE! I ordered the salmon….while the other 3 ordered the original-BEEF!


Post-Hike reward...well, there goes all that hard work with the hike….. But if you have not been to Pepper Lunch (and your not really worried about calories)…I highly recommend it. Its cheap. (Under $100…for a very satisfying, hearty, and FULL meal) Jess’ Tip: Wait in Line first…then decide what to get…because, the line is long….and you will have more than enough time to decide what toppings you want! ALSO: Eating clean also means eating everything is okay …in moderation!!! 🙂

Pepper Lunch: (Various locations) Hysan Place, Stall No. 3, 11/Floor, 500 Hennessy Road, CWB




<3 Always, Jess