Best Pizza in HK!? No. 5

No. 5 is a gem of a place tucked in the back corner of another sleepy, quaint and equally gem of a town in the beautiful neighborhood of Tai Hang. It’s opened by the same crew behind the very popular and right next door neighbor Japanese joint…. Go Ya Yakitori, (I’ve been here loads of time! And, no complaints here… I really should do a blog post about it one day though!)

On a side note..Tai Hang…just has pretty darn good food. I’ve been quite a few times. And you can read a few of my blog posts here: Lab Made (post)Sushi Shin (post)!


LOOK at how cute this place is!!!! Part of me feels a little unease because I don’t want to share my secret of this beloved place…but the legit foodie in me feels that I really should. How it’s not a bigger eatery is beyond me? But thats probably one of the reasons why I like this place too. Personally, this is probably the most under rated Italian restaurantI’ve been to in months, years, since being in HK.

Its a humble small space seating 20 lucky few diners during every meal time. And, every time I’ve walked by, called in last minute has always gotten the same response- FULL BOOKING. Jess’ Tip: 🙂 SO BOOK EARLY!!!! And, the menu does change, but some items are regulars! They have a big blackboard featuring their specials! 🙂 Look the cosy atmosphere and deco! Food is amazingly good…about the pricing… its listed in Euros!!! 🙂 €1=$10. It’s a bit more on the pricey side. But this place is goooooooood.


Fresh Burrata Cheese w/ Cherry Tomatoes. 12.8 (all in Euros) Out of all the dishes…this was the least memorable, and it was still good. Loveeeeeee burrata cheese…love cheese… I think I need to do a favourite foods list….


Cool menu...seriously liking this deco A LOT!


Fresh hot Bread!!! Love the black squid inked bread loaf!


Lobster Broth. 7.8 = $78. HKD. God…all my favorite foods in this place…Lobster Bisque is my favourite soup…it’s my go-to pick!!


Pappardale w/ Stew Wagyu Cheek 18.8 = $188.80HKD…The homemade al dente pappardale pasta was slightly hard, crunchy, but full of flavour in each bite. The stew was flavourful and rich! SOOO… this deliciously buttered soft, moist, big chunk of wagyu cheek was soooooo delectably yummmmy.  GOD…….I love Wagyu Beef!!! 


Rose…we ordered a half bottle! Good food goes hand in hand with a good glass of champagne … 🙂


Fish Stew 29.8 = $298.80 HKD! The prices aren’t cheap…but boy was the description NOT doing it any justice….MINE!!!!!!!!!! LOVEEEEED IT. I have this thing. Anywhere that has this dish..I’m gonna get it. I’m obsessed with the seafood broth, the bits of parsley, the flavourful aroma and of course the generous amount of seafood in every spoonful!! YUMS TO THE MAX…And, Bella Vita (post), other Bella Vita (posthad my vote for top


Johnny’s style pizza with parma ham, white truffle, rucola, tomato sauce and buffalo cheese, w/ FIGS!! 10.8 for 6″. (You can go for 12″ too) The pizzas were DELICIOUS!!! The highlight of the meal…and everything else was SOOOO good still! The thin crust pizzas were perfectly crisp, thin, and with oozing cheese, and enough tomato sauce in every bite. Polished off with an subtle hint of white truffle!! I loved the sweetness of the fig slices…PERFECTION! BEST PIZZA AWARD. NO JOKE. 

No. 5 Italian is such a GEM! 🙂 DEFINITELY one of my picks for top eateries this year thus far!! GET THE PIZZA!!! (And, just about anything else)….it’s definitely on the pricier side. But truly worth it. The foods that good.

No. 5 Italian, 21C Brown St, Tai Hang, 2504 2111. 



<3 Always, Jess