Bestia does it BEST

Bestia has been making waves ever since its launch in Downtown LA in 2013- constantly being on everyone’s ‘Top eats in LA’ list. Restaurateur Bill Chait really has another hit on his hands-adding Bestia to a already long list of successful, popular restaurants: Sotto, Picca and Short Order. The space is beautiful, spacious, hip and filled to the brim with hordes of people eager to get a bite of Ori Menashe’s (a veteran Angelini Osteria chef) cooking masterpiece (as well as the usual stars that frequent the establishment). The food at Bestia is ingredient driven Italian fare at its best.


(Here’s just a sneak peak of the glorious food!)

I was lucky enough to secure seats at this buzzy eatery when I went back home last Christmas. We had a very late after 9pm reservation but was happily seated at the open kitchen bar area- the perfect opportunity to watch the chefs at work! Remember people. CALL IN, and do it early!


A refreshing grapefruit cocktail.


Smoked Sea Urchin Bottarga | Chicory salad, pomegranates, sieved egg, pickled chilies, oregano | US$16 | The portions are very American sized. Basically translates to HUMONGOUS. This salad was so flavourful yet light and refreshing.


Veal Tartare Crostino | Shallots, parsley, lemon, tonnato sauce | US$15 | I loved this veal tartare costino. The juicy veal was perfectly marinated with bursts of flavours. Loved the crunchy crostino as well.


Mussels and Clams | Homemade spicy ‘nduja sausage, fennel seed, preserved orange, grilled bread | US$18 | YUM! These babies packed a bunch. The clams were especially memorable- I loved how juicy they were with a hint of spicy cajan kick!


Spaghetti Rustichella | Sea Urchin, squid ink bottarga, garlic, calabrian chilies, bread crumbs | US$25 |Just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful specimen. I loveeeeeeed this. Absolutely hearty, full of flavour- only down side is I wish there were more sea urchin!!! You guys know I love my sea urchin. 😉


Another view of this beauty….. Sea urchin Spaghetti Rustichella. What I would do to have this again. 🙂 Missing LA. Great night!!!


Bestia | 2121 E 7th Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90021 Downtown (213) 514-5724