Bistro Du Vin

Bistro Du Vin is the newest establishment from the same group as the easy going Italian eateries- Piccolo’s as well as the previous French fine dining restaurant- Cepage on Star Street (now…Beef & Liberty (post)). AND…La Port Parfume, which I recently went to for girls night! Hehehe…..okay, back to this place. So from the title of the post, I think you can tell: Bistro Du Vin offers….you guessed it: comfortable French cuisine! 🙂 So, lets see how the food is…shall we!?


OH MY!!!! Food….I’m ready for ya! 😉


Love the decor of this place!! We got there early….so there weren’t anyone else there yet! They’re really busy, so like their sister establishment La Port Parfume, they also suggest you go in to dine at their slots at either 6pm or 8pm….just as a warning.


Bread came out first! I loved the bistro feel of this restaurant.


Red go with our dinner!


Home salted brandadesoft egg, espelette hollandaise $100. SOOOOOOOOO good. This was positively my favourite dish. The creamy egg yolk…and the minced home salted brandade fish. WOW. It blew my mind, expectations, and taste buds. Nice job!!


Mashed boiled potatoes…to go with…..


Slow Cooked Lamb Shank, Tomatoes & Onions $200. I really enjoyed this saucy braised lamb shank. The lamb meat practically rips away so easily. Perfectly fatty, flavourful (a bit on the saltier side) and juicy. Dip a little bread and the potatoes to go along with the sauce and you are good to go.


Crispy Suckling Pig Confit, Choucroute (Leg) $230 ...I love suckling pig. The traditional Chinese styled suckling pigs are my favourite. But this crispy pig skin and tender pig meat did the job quite nicely. Very meaty, juicy and succulent.


Grand Marnier Souffle, Vanilla Ice Cream (20 mins) $75. This would be my least favourite. At this point we were asked to move to Piccolos (their other sister restaurant) next door, because it was 830pm….so away we moved…to finish our dessert. The souffle was not what I expected. The souffle tasted thicker than a sponge cake…which I didn’t really like.


Fresh Baked Madeleine, Chocolate Mousse (15 mins) $70 The madeleines were quite good. Hearty, and thick, add a dallop of the chocolate mousse and it makes for a nice sweet ending.

Bistro Du VinShop 1D, G/F, Davis Street, Kennedy Town Western District, Tel: 2824 3010

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<3 Always, Jess