Bitters and Sweets opens up in Central

Bitters and Sweets opened up in Lan Kwai Fong to lots of rave- the pretty decor, delicious cocktails and good music have helped, I’m sure!


I ventured in one night a few weeks back to have a drink (Gin and Tea Tonic) and was hooked. Lets not forget about the spamlicious spam fries- they’re so addictive!  That sriracha mayonnaise dipping sauce is too good. So when I was invited to a tasting to try out their entire cocktail menu as well as some of their bar food selection- I immediately had to say yes! I wanted to try out the rest of the goodies! A few of us gathered around 10pm one Friday evening to try out their delectable drinks and snacks.


We started with the Night Quil. A warm cocktail drink (that starts with a show- look at that process!) The cocktail has gin, citrus fruit peels, thyme, mint, vanilla and cinnamon! I don’t usually like warm drinks but this was a nice start to our evening. Warmed us right up.


Next was the awesome spam fries (how did no one else think of serving these before?!) I LOVEEEEEE spam and I love fries!! These spam fries came out piping hot- straight out of the deep-fryer. It’s surprisingly crispy, crunchy and not too oily at all. I loved the sriracha mayonnaise dipping sauce! I kept going back for more…. It’s super addictive.

Gin and Tea Tonic (pictured above- one of my favorite drinks of the night came next) Gin, homemade rose oolong tea tonic and passion fruit puree. I loved this refreshing drink. It was absolutely delicious. It tastes really light, fresh and soothing. Perfect drink for the girls!


The red bean dessert came next. Its Bitters and Sweets popular take on a classic Asian dessert. I loved the crunchy thin wrapper (similar to a spring roll) that enveloped the sweet and yummy red bean paste.


Next up was Coriander which features tequila blanco, coriander, ginger and house blend salt. I loved the color! It had a nice balance between strong and simple.


The Horseradish drink has gin, homemade radish cream, lemon, honey and black pepper. It definitely packed a punch. I couldn’t handle the strong horseradish taste but it was a hit with others!


Smoky Joe was so cool! It’s made with house-infused coffee bourbon and smoked with cherry chip wood. It had a hint of chestnut, chocolate bitters and cherry wood smoke- I loved the smoky taste! It’s a bit on the strong side but still pretty good!


The sesame drink is another twist on a popular Asian dessert. It has spiced rum, hazelnut and roasted black sesame. I loveeeeed it. It’s like drinking your dessert.


Jalepeno was actually really, really tasty. We ended up asking for another one! There was a strong heat from the Jalepeno-infused vodka, with vinegar, saline solution and just a hint of simple syrup. I loveeeeed the spicy kick from the Jalepenos! Who knew it would go together so well in a drink!?


S’mores was definitely a favorite of the night!!! We kept digging back for more. The fluffy marshmallows covered a piping hot, delicious melted chocolate gooey goodness. We kept dipping the graham cracker shortbread to get every bit of the marshmallow and chocolate deliciousness. It’s delicious- definitely a must have!! I was super full from dinner and all the drinks but was still able to eat this up! ORDER IT.

Bitters and Sweets1/F, Somptueux Central, 52-54 Wellington Street, Central, Central, Hong Kong | 2788 0103


Lots of <3, Jess