Black Truffles at Artisan De La Truffe Hong Kong

Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, crab meat and black truffle shavings

It’s been a while since I blogged but here’s a recent eat of mine! After celebrating Jon and Robynn’s wedding at The Peninsula- we went to Ocean Terminal in Harbour City to grab dinner featuring a lot of black truffles at Artisan De La Truffe Hong Kong. Here’s a short and sweet post to get me back in the blogging game. 🙂

As we walked near the restaurant, the smell of black truffles became stronger and stronger! After a long time of deciding what to eat we finally lucked out with a table near the back at this restaurant .

I mixed all the crab meat, mushrooms and black truffle shavings into the scrambled eggs and devoured it. This starter was pretty good but the only thing was it came out lukewarm and not piping hot. Would have made a big difference.

Their signature mushroom soup with black truffle shavings

Adrian, KK and Spence all got the mushroom soup as their starter! I didn’t try this but they all finished it and said it was good.

Sirloin with red wine and truffle jus

Kenneth’s sirloin. I had two pieces and for around HK$330- it was quite worth it. Flavorful, tender and juicy.

MINE! Tagliatelle in cream sauce with black truffle shavings! MMMMMMM.

The last dish was their signature tagliatelle in cream sauce with black truffle shavings which was delicious. The sauce was very thick and creamy. I devoured every single last bite – the portion size was big too.

The entire meal was around HK$1500 for the 4 of us. I definitely would come back- the price, portion and taste was all better than expected.

Ocean Terminal L3 OTE303 | (t): 2885 2030

<3, Jess

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