Bo Innovation, 3 Michelin, Wan Chai

Bo Innovation is the famous 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Hong Kong. The man behind this space is Chef Alvin Leung who is infamously nicknamed the “demon chef.”  I went one evening and acquired a late 8:30pm booking. I walked onto Ship Street and waited for the J Residence lift that houses Bo Innovation (2-3 floors up) and I’m greeted by a great rooftop open balcony and a beaming restaurant. The restaurant was alive and completely packed to the brim- people were laughing, merrily feasting and busting out their smart phones to take pictures of the masterful delicacies that awaited them. I’ve heard hits or misses about this place. The people who love it- swear by it. The people that dislike it- disdain it. I anxiously waited my turn. I can’t believe this whole time in Hong Kong- I still hadn’t tried out this place.

My stomach was growling and excited! We went with the Chef’s tasting menu- with 15+ set courses priced at HK$2380 that includes an additional abalone and foie gras dish. The other menu is priced at $1980, with a still very lengthy 13 courses.


The ever famous pre starters came out with the super addictive sweet and savory green onion gai dan zai. It was extremely hot, crispy and crunchy. We demolished this and anxiously waited for more.


AIR | Century Egg w/ pickled young ginger came next. This was definitely a lovely sight! You envelop the “air” in one gulp and I was surprised by how pretty (and pink) the dish was and how it really tasted like century egg and ginger. So interesting.


CAVIAR | Smoked Quail Egg enveloped in a crispy taro nest. I loved this. The crunchy, flaky and crispy taro nest, the juicy smoked quail egg, oodles of juicy and rich caviar and to top it off- a lovely golden flake!


OYSTER | with thin slices of beef tongue, jelly fish in a sichuan green sauce was not my cup of tea. The ingredients were interesting but all combined together was a bit strange for me. I usually like LOVE oysters until I saw a video of ….well lets not get to that, but the beef tongue was awesome- just not in this combination.


BAMBOO | Foie Gras, “chu yeh ching” miso, indian lettuce stem, green apple and winter bamboo shoot. Now this dish…I LOVED. The juicy, rich and velvety foie gras had this delicious miso char and glaze. I wish I had another piece because I ate it so quickly but still wanted more.


UMAMI | Kitimat spot prawn, har mi oil, “wok air” powder. This dish was perfectly cooked and smelled heavenly. The Kitimat spot prawn was perfect in every way and had this amazing texture and taste. I could’ve licked the plate clean…..but I won’t since I’m a lady. 😉


BABY FOOD | Black truffle, “chian dan chee”– this was creamy, nice and had a great black truffle aroma to it. I love eggs and the added crunchy bits inside for texture.


MOLECULAR | Cha Siu Bao. This is the beloved char siu bao. One bite and a burst of juicy char siu bao flows into your mouth. I personally didn’t love it- I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite.


TOMATO | “Pat chun” chinese vinegar, fermented chinese olives “lam kok” and marshmallow with green onion oil. The first was the chinese vinegar tomato which was too strong for my liking- it tasted very much like chinese medicine and somewhat bitter. The fermented chinese olives tomato was much better but the marshmallow with green onion oil was definitely my favorite.


WILD HAIBA GWAII COD | Lotus, smoked squid. The cod was nice and easy but compared to the other dishes- this was just okay.


BRITTANY BLUE LOBSTER | Black Truffle, “ Bo “ Truffle sauce, charred corn and shrimp dumpling. The lobster was cooked perfectly with lots of black truffle- the sauce was a bit on the heavier side but that’s ok. I kind of just smeared a little bit of it off. I really liked the sweet charred corn on top of the shrimp dumpling though.


MAO TAI | Hawthorn, lemongrass, passionfruit | This was quite refreshing and interesting. Nothing too mind-blowing.


ABALONE | “Bo” Chicken Rice, winter melon. The abalone, chicken rice came in a clay pot. It smelled heavenly. I loved the tender and juicy abalone and moist rice but found the dish a bit over seasoned. But trust me, it was still good.


SAGA-GYU | Black Truffle, “ Cheung Fun” ….I absolutely fell in love with this dish. It was delicious. The saga wagyu beef was off the charts juicy, tender and melt-in-your mouth type of good. The cheung fun was perfectly seasoned and I loved the sweet and savory sauce that accompanied this dish. The crispy black truffle bits were also just as yummy. A perfect blend of flavors and textures!


ALMOND | Genmai, Okinawa black sugar, cinnamon. This was nice, like a tang yuan (glutinous rice ball with a nice filling on the inside.)


BO BABA | Chestnut, sugar cane, imo. The first dessert was good but I really loved this! A blend of different flavors and textures that complemented the other in the best way! Great ending but boy am I full.


Petit Fours


And last but not least- you can fill out a bag of these candies and take it home! 🙂

Bo Innovation60 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong | 852 2850 8371


Lots of <3, Jess