Brunch Club

YUMMY…you know how I like LOVE my breakfast foods…well for lunch, I picked to try THE BRUNCH CLUB in SOHO, (there’s also a CWB location). Cute place…magazines, free wifi! (TAKE NOTE…that’s rare to come by) Comfy atmosphere- just a quaint “brunch” joint! 
My typical breakfast order! Egg (whites), veggies, and toast (brown rice w/ walnuts…MMM)

I love that they serve breakfast foods all day!

Egg Whites…. 🙂 (So fluffy and smoking hot! It smogged up my camera!)
Brown Toast, Egg Whites, grilled spinach and mushrooms!
Chefs special Chowder for jie! Surprisingly light, tasty, and hearty…not creamy! But broth like.
Tomato Soup w/ crispy garlic bread…It was thick and creamy. I LOVE tomatoes, really, it’s one of my favorite veggies!
Jie w/ her Croque Monsieur. I didn’t even take a close up shot. We dove right in! Well, a small portion for me. 

Jie says… “Runny yolk and creamy sauce seeps through the thick crusted bread making for a perfect combination in your mouth!” A party in your mouth….she couldn’t have said it better 🙂

We will be back.

The Brunch Club 2526 8861

Ground Floor,
70 Peel Street,
Central, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess