Brunchin’ at Redd in Napa Valley!!

It was an awesome trip back to the States! <3

I got a chance to spend one weekend in Napa to celebrate Charles and Lily’s wedding. We drank a lot at the vineyards…. I mean, a lot ( but that’ll be another post in itself.) We checked out REDD for BRUNCH in the ever popular Yountville, which was right next to another popular spot: Ad Hoc. (You can check out my post on Ad Hoc here.)

A group of us went one afternoon for a lovely weekend brunch.

REDD is a staple in Yountville since it’s opening in 2005.

The feast that was awaiting us. I totally forgot that the States is all about the ‘American sized portions.’ The huge portion size was no joke.

Caramelized diver scallops, cauliflower purée, almonds, balsamic reduction sautéed skate wing, creamy jasmine rice, clams, chorizo, saffron curry nage, US$26…that’s one hell of a description. Only thing is if you’re going to be paying US$26 for a main course then it better fill you up. Sadly, that was not the case for these scallops. I was still hungry, minutes later. Needless to say the scallops were juicy, plump and sweet.

Redd lobster club, poached maine lobster, bacon, lemon aioli, shoestring potatoes, US$27. The description sounded terrific and it was. Plump lobster meat filled the club sandwich with a huge helping of shoestring fries and mixed green salad (refer to the first picture in this post.)

Yellowfin tuna tartare, asian pear, avocado, chili oil, fried rice, US$14. This was a nice lil’ starter. I loved the mix of crunchiness from the “fried” popped rice and the fresh, citrus-y tuna tartare. I wished I didn’t split this with KK. Just wanted it all to myself! 😉

Steamed pork buns, hoisin, vegetable salad, US$14. This was just alright. It was overly sauced, super salty and a major disappointment.

We ordered 3 different plates of desserts to try out! Each dessert costs US$10.

Peace, Jess

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