Bun Cha

In Hong Kong, it has been pretty darn hard for me to find a good pho shop. I’ve heard really good things about Bun Cha from quite a bit of people so I definitely wanted to try it. Bun Cha Vietnamese Cafe & Restaurant is located on a small hill on Aberdeen Street. After a workout, I decided to go see what all the fuss is about. PHO- SHO! The space was small but I got lucky, it was only half full around peak lunch time. The staff all spoke in Vietnamese (that’s a good sign!!)

Lets eat.


Hanoi fried crispy spring rolls. These were extremely good. I loved the crispy rice paper outer layer. The filling was juicy but leaving the outside completely crunchy and crispy!


TA DA!! My pho in an un-altered photoshop state. Thin beef strips in a fragrant beef broth for $68. The noodles were the perfect type and I was surprised by how much I loved it. I completely slurped up every last bit of broth. The meat comes to you raw and pink but over time is cooked by the hot, hot soup broth. The noodles were the right amount of smoothness and bite and the beef strips were well marbled and well textured too.


In all it’s pho photoshopped glory. #perfection

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Bun Cha | Shop 1, G/F, King Ho Building,, King Ho Building, Aberdeen St, Sheung Wan | 2858 1900

Lots of <3, Jess