Bungalow is the newest establishment to splash onto the ever expanding Wyndham Street in Central! After a few years with Socialito on the block (I will miss their frozen margaritas and Mexican food….) Prive is BACK, with a  much anticipated welcome…. Bungalow is the brainchild of the ever expanding PRIVE GROUP empire. With huge successes like Levels, Common Room (post), Amazake, and the expansion inside Knutsford Terrace- with new omakase joint: Hanabi (post also coming soon….) as well as many others!!!

Bungalow thrives late night at being on of the most popular nightclubs in LKF and during lunch, happy hour and dinner times- they serve some delicious French fine dining.


Lovely decor! Very different though…day to night! I went to a tasting and was soooooo happy with the food!! I will be back, I actually have been back many many times.. 😉


Some drinks to start the evening! I ordered a Sidecar cocktail- brandy, lemon juice, syrup and cointreau $110. Dani had the red wine, and Val went with the mojito!!


Bon Appetit… 🙂


CHEERS! Girls night with good food and drinks! 🙂


I loved the simple plate settings, decor and just look at the beautiful display of the beef tartar. Simply lovely!


Beef Tartare, dry aged Mayura wagyu, watercress, shitake, cumin $188. This was SOOOOOO bomb. I loved the fresh and juicy beef tartare mixed in with the cumin, watercress, and shitake sauce. There’s some breadcrumbs mixed in for that extra oomph!


Just look at that beautiful-ness. mess… 😉 All mixed in! Slather a bit of this luscious tartare over their homemade bread! Divine.


Oyster en Persillade, Fines De Claire Oyster, parsley panade and tomato $58 per piece. I usually don’t like cooked oysters. But this oyster dish was cooked excellently. I loved the mix of parsley, tomato sauce and bread crumbs mixed in. It added loads of layers, crunches and textures to the oyster dish!


Horseradish Veloute, fresh horseradish, potato confit, Jambon de Paris $138 This dish comes complete with some horseradish soup! But just wanted to show you all a closeup of all the goodies packed inside.


I loved the salty ham added into the mix! But it wasn’t my most favourite, but still beautifully presented and very well executed.


Roasted Scallop, Hokkaido scallops, local corn, tomato confit, $268 we had the tasting menu so the normal entree would be a lot bigger. The scallop was plump, juicy and perfectly cooked. I loved the mashed corn puree at the bottom- sweet and savoury!


Creekstone Farms Ribeye...This was HUGE!!! Practically the size of our face- and it was SOOO thick….they took it inside to be cut. Definitely needs to be shared with 3-4 people, even more than that!


Bloody Mary! My absolute favourite! Thank you staff, for also constantly checking in on us and constantly filling our waters! (Big bonus points from me!! I’m constantly chugging water!)


Creekstone Farms Ribeye. Look at this beauty. Take a look. Now, another one. This was absolutely perfect. It needed absolutely no sauces, juice, mustard…nothing! (It does come with it…) This ribeye was so beautifully grilled. Look at that gorgeous ruby pink colour. The ribeye was nice and lean. With just enough lean meat and a bit of fat! Wow. I polished off so many pieces and only wished I had a bigger stomach!! VERY NICE. The price is definitely a bit pricey- but its meant to be shared!


 Yorkshire Pudding, mustard and bone marrow accompanies the Ribeye!! Fatty bone marrow….mmm mmmm MMMM


OMG. In alllllll its glory! Look at that smooth mashed potato…the mashed potato is amazingly good. So buttery, smooth and nicely mashed!


One more closeup of this beauty!


Chocolate Fondant Cake $88 was nice- it was rather on the sweeter side! I usually don’t have a problem since I love chocolate dishes, but the pear tart already won me over! (More on that pear puff pastry below!)


Panna Cotta, was lovely! Simple, light starter! We were soooo full, but everything was soooo good! I loved the different soft layers!


Pear Tart & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream $88 was soooo good. I usually don’t like fruity desserts- but the beautiful puff pastry encased the hot, juicy and smooth pear slices. Add on a dallop of ice cream! Perfection.


Great staff, restaurant and food!! I’ll BE BACK!!!

Bungalow, Shop 2, G/F, The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong (+852 2623 7868)

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<3 Always, Jess