Cafe Causette’s Detox Menu

Work has been crazy busy 🙂

For those who haven’t seen my first short film…here it is!!!!!


Like I said…works been busy! 🙂 Being interviewed on the red carpet! 😉


Got to do an interview/photoshoot with food too 😉 Thanks Baccarat magazine.


Strutted my stuff on the runway! First time I opened for a fashion show!! It was awesome.

But on the ONE day off of mine….I went to a healthy menu food tasting at Cafe Causette in Mandarin Oriental! I’ve been to Cafe Causette a few times but not once have I blogged about it….until now! I’d usually go in for a quick fast meal, some soup and their absolutely delightful Hainan chicken! Hotel dining, especially if its at a five star dining experience is always going to be a very memorable and savoury meal. And, Cafe Causette is of no exception. The modern all-day dining restaurant has exceptional service, delectable food but the price is on the higher end of the spectrum. But trust me- very reasonable for hotel dining! 😉


Hot fresh Cheesy Bread to start with …. and a nice detox refresher to begin this meal.


Beetroot Salad (HK$188) warm salad of salt baked beetroot, pickled, raw and marinated beetroot, hazelnut, rocket leaf. This entree salad was definitely very pleasant. With plump, juicy, and sweet beetroot pieces…nestled under a pile of salty, sharp and crunchy hazelnuts and cheese!


Burratta $208 Salad of san daniele ham, burratta, beetroot crisps, peach, rye croutons, candied walnuts: The fresh burratta and parma ham was the perfect balance of sharp (yet) simple and salty. The burratta was soooo smooth and fresh.

But the best of the starter dishes came next…


Ricotta $188 Salad of warm ricotta, lavender, honeycombs, walnut, wood sorrel, figs: OMG! This ricotta salad was practically a dessert! Decadent, savoury and sweet. It was absolutely delicious. Warm, soft, fluffy, velvety ricotta cheese atop a mountain of crunchy walnuts; sweet warm juicy figs! There was a slight lavender scent! And those mini yellow jelly balls are olive oil!! What a burst of amazing flavor. Favorite dish by far.


Tuscan Seafood Casserole $258 prawn, clam, mussel, calamari, garlic, chilli, tomato, broccoli, grilled garlic bread: This slow cooked seafood pot smelled heavenly! The bites of garlic bread crumblings were perfect! The cod fish was WOW! I loved the fresh seafood taste! I devoured the whole entire thing.


Slow Cooked Scottish Salmon $288– lemon and spices, moroccan style cous cous salad, mole sauce: semi sweet from the raisins, loved the crunch of the pine nuts. The salmon was perfectly slow cooked!! Mmmmm


Spicy Tofu Burger $168 hot and spicy tofu, sesame seed bun, organic tomato relish, harissa flavoured potato fries: It wasn’t too spicy so don’t worry! Good for vegetarians. Though, I kept eye-ing the real burger eaters in the next table. It was good, but not my cup of tea! The crispy fries were on another level!! 🙂


Mango, Passion Layered Cake $108 yoghurt ice cream: Not too decadent or sweet! Good for dieters! Full of flavour- the ice cream was light, creamy and refreshing! The cake was soft and flavorful, but the yogurt ice cream is the true gem of this dessert.


Yoghurt Mousse $108 crispy tuile, raspberry, mint: It had an interesting taste! A rich, creamy mousse center! But if your going for desserts: get the mango, passion layered cake!!

Cafe Causette | Mandarin Oriental, 5 Connaught Road, Central | 2522 0111

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<3 Always, Jess