Cafe Loisl & Teakha

Good, Great friends are rare to come by. Luckily, one of my best friends resides with me 😉 I’m talking about you..jie 🙂 Since moving to HK, I’ve also made some new good friends!

One being….*drum roll please*…. Vivian Lam, yup…I’m talking about you. Viv’s an amazing woman. Independent, smart, loving, Godly, caring, and beautiful (to name a few)… It’s awesome…our personalities just… click. In would be called “Yuan Fen” “緣分”. Wiki’s description. 

Anyway..let’s get to the food! So…one lazy but beautiful Saturday morning, the three of us went out for a lovely brunch filled with girl-y, giggl-y, gossip-y chit chat time 🙂 

Vivian & Jie

 Viv is a HUGE foodie..I’m telling you, you need to blog! She has tons of insights on where and what to eat! 🙂 Super thankful for that. Viv knew about this cute cafe tucked away in Sheung Wan…

Cafe Loisl! 🙂 They’re known to have really tasty coffee.
🙂 Small, cute, and quaint
OH MY…… 🙂 Can you guess which one’s mine? You can’t tell…but there’s VANILLA ICE CREAM nestled inside! Absolutely delicious, sweet and refreshing to boot!

 Then we trekked to our “Original” destination, Teakha…since it opens at 12PM..we went to get coffee first…which, I did not mind one bit.

TEAKHA…I’ve been wanting to try this place!
FRESHLY BAKED…Bread pudding *DROOL* We ordered that 😉
SCONES galore…what an interesting flavor! If only I had two stomachs!
Roselle and apricot scones!!!!! HOT OUT OF THE OVEN..lucky me
My Marsala Chai Tea w/ steamed milk. Hot, soothing and spicy.. (surprisingly)
Jie with their original black tea, Viv w/ their Iced Thai tea
Roselle Scone.… 🙂 You look sooooo good. And, you were! Flaky, crispy, soft…and melts in your mouth deliciousness.
Breakfast Sandwich (I’m more of a savory person..I know..shocking, cause I love sweets too! Life is tough!) Bo-Lo’ gne Bakery brioche bread (OMG….) Ham, avocado, red bell peppers, and whipped scrambled eggs. This combo is ridiculously amazing. I can’t even explain how good it tasted! The eggs were hot and perfectly scrambled! All the ingredients texture mixes perfectly on a sandwich. MMM MMM good 😉
*Special of the Day* Vanilla Sponge Cake. This was my least favorite. The sponge cake was a tad too sweet! The freshly whipped cream was nice and light, but was just ordinary for me
Bread pudding 😉 This was pretty good. But also, feel like I can get this else where!

 Teakha is the perfect place for a lazy Saturday or Sunday brunch spot. But be is very limited. Seating is 12-15 people max. Also, if your really starving and want to eat the moment you get in. I would not recommend coming here! Waiting time for food was a bit lengthy. We waited a good 10-15 minutes just for our teas. I’ll still be back though..the breakfast sandwich alone was worth my wait 😉

Viv, hope you have an amazing time on your missions trip. I pray you enjoy, experience and just learn more! Can’t wait to hear all about your sure to be life-changing time in Cambodia and more outings when you get back! I’ll be praying for you.

<3 *Penguin Hugs*

Cafe Loisl 9179 0209
Tai On Terrace,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Teakha 2858 9185

Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan Street,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

<3 Always, Jess