Cafe Too

Located on the seventh floor (Hmmm…curious? Isn’t it called ‘Cafe Too?’- Wouldn’t ‘Cafe Two‘ have been easier? Get it? ;)) at the Island Shangri-La Hotel in Admiralty. The fam bam and I went for a lovely buffet lunch.

With over ten different cooking stations featuring various international cuisines- any and every craving can be fulfilled. The buffet counters deliver fresh seafood, traditional Chinese food, pastas, pizzas, mini gourmet burgers, sushi’s and many many more to an amazing dessert buffet showcasing mouthwatering  tantalizing cakes, cookies, ice creams, puddings, Chinese desserts, gelatos, tarts, and many many more. (As you can tell- I paid special attention to the dessert counters! ;))

My beautiful aunties & grandma brunching it!! Ne Ma *Second Auntie*, Abu *Grandma* & San Yi Ma *Third Auntie*

Lu Ge, my cousin was visiting! He’s happily checking out the hot American food station…See anything you guys like?

My first plate of fresh salmon, mackerel sashimi, smoked salmon and a small side salad (This was the only picture of the savory food I ate, Sorry guys :/ I’ll do a better job next time). I did manage to take a TON of pics of the sweet ones though. I didn’t eat all of it. Promise.

The Chinese Soup/ Noodle Making Station. You pick which type of noodles you want and the accompanying side veggies and meats you want to add on top! I sampled the ‘Dan Dan Mian’- It was just alright. The soup broth on the other hand was well seasoned, hot and refreshingly sweet.

Alright. Lets get down to business. Desserts, of course 😀

HOLY MOLY….Colorful ain’t it? What to choose…what to choose?

The Chinese desserts (Good ol’ Tang Siu’s…(Tang Yuans/ Sweet rice balls are one of my most cherished desserts.) Hot, soothing and an instant brings back fond childhood memories….time flies…

Candy heaven! Various toppings to pop on your ice cream? Yes. Please!

I kept it simple. A classic. Black Sesame. My favorite ice cream flavour (Ok. One of. There’s cookies n’ cream too)

Desserts (for us to share! Grandma ate a majority of these!)

Yu Jie taste tested the homemade strawberry, banana filled crepe….drenched in chocolaty syrup!

Jie was there too! She had to leave early though…work calls.

Fam Bam group pic 🙂 <3 Love Love Love.

Have a joyfu week!! <3 Almost November??? WOW. Time sure flies.

Cafe Too 2820 8571

7/F, 88 Queensway, Pacific Place

Island Shangri-La, Admiralty

<3 Always, Jess