Cha Cha for Chachawan

I still can’t believe I haven’t tried out one of the hippest eateries on the block. Chachawan has been garnering quite a buzz since its opening last year. There’s always a queue when I make my through Hollywood Road. And finally I got to try it. Remember, no reservations. Only walk ins, and full party must be there to be seated. Much like Yardbird (post) and Little Bao (post).


I had a quick cocktail once before- but haven’t had dinner there yet. Last time I had the ChaCha Smash, ($95) which consists of Hendricks Gin, Cucumber, mint, coriander and ginger beer…It was soo good that I ordered it again tonight. 3 TIMES! HEHE


Larp Moo | Mixed Salad of chopped pork, pork skin, shallots, spring onions, mint, coriander, and a spicy sour dressing | $108 | I’m quite a fan of pork. And, chicken, beef…okay, meat…I like. 🙂 But I loved this slightly tangy and spicy mixed salad! Full of spices, flavor and taste in each and every bite.


Gai Yung | Chicken Thigh marinated for 24 hours in garlic, pepper, coriander, grilled till crispy, served with jhim jeaw | $158 | The chicken was quite yummy too, it was packed with flavor…but for the price and portion you get…I would say skip this…but if you do end up ordering it, save the yummy citrus-y and spicy sauce! We ended up pouring over our fried rice!!


Pak Poong Fai Mai Dang | Stir Fried Morning Glory w/ Thai Garlic, Chili & Yellow Beans | $68 | Vegetables…we all need to eat some greens! Quite standard, nothing too extraordinary with this dish, but a nice simple veggie dish.


Khao Pad | Wok of fried rice of crab meat, egg and spring onions | $128 | I’m normally not a fan rice at can make it yourself at home, they might get it too dry, etc…but this dish was terrific!! I LOVED it. I loved the hearty, juicy and plump crab meat…I got a lot of crab meat in every bite and the rice was moist, tasty and flavourful. Which I really liked. Adding the sauce from the chicken made this fried rice even better.


Pla Phao Glua |Salt encrusted whole seabass stuffed w/ lemongrass, pandanas, and lime leaf, cooked over fire, with a chili dipping sauce | $268 | It’ll take about 25 minutes…. the fish was recommended to us as a specialty dish at Chachawan…how can you pass that up!? And lo and behold, the presentation was pretty cool. Piping hot, a nice show piece, large and the fish meat was quite juicy. Not too bad! 🙂


Tender juicy fish meat….dipped in that spicy sauce!! YUM


Sugarcane dessert was also given to us! I didn’t have any though.


Overall, I really enjoyed myself. It was a fun night of good banter, chacha smashes and fun thai food! 🙂 Prices are pretty reasonable…much more reasonable than most places in Sheung Wan and Central!

Chachawan206 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong, +852-2549-0020

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<3 Always, Jess