Feasting at Palco Ristorante

Feasting at Palco Ristorante! I’ve been to Palco a few years back when it was still in Chai Wan but since then it relocated to Wan Chai (interesting…Chai Wan to Wan Chai….who’s with me!?) I didn’t have a chance to go try it yet, until now. Palco Ristorante is on the second floor of The Phoenix on Luard Road. The word ‘Palco’ in Italian translates to a ‘stage’. Co-owner and chef Ken Lau created delectable Italian fare to showcase to his audience (which in this case is the hungry diners, like myself!)


Grilled Raclette | HK$228….hubba hubba. I love me some raclette. The hot melted and gooey cheese (some were still bubbling as it’s displayed in front of you) with scoops of fresh cantaloupe and mini potatoes. The sweet and juicy cantaloupe was a great match with the rich and decadent cheese. It was the perfect combination between sweet and salty.


Look at that ooey, gooey cheeeeeese. Just focus on that layer I’m picking up with my fork! 🙂 Holy mother! I want this oozing amazing raclette cheese right now.

IMG_7791 (1)

Italian Scallop Carpaccio with Pan-fried Foie Gras & Yuzu Avocado Dip, HK$188. I really liked this starter as well. The scallop carpaccio was lovely, sweet and juicy and went really well with the pan-fried foie gras and fresh yuzu infused avocado dip.


They whipped up a special lychee and lime cocktail for me! Lovely, refreshing and simple.


A giant wheel of 24 months parmesan cheese. What could this be used for?


TA DA!!! It’s used for our main course…. “Burn baby, burn!”


Spaghetti with 24 months parmesan cheese in black truffle paste, HK$268. I loved the creamy cheese from the giant cheese wheel. The black truffle paste worked great with the pasta as well!


Roasted Suckling Pig with Sicilian Lemon Jam Italian Style, HK$308. Out of every dish this was probably my least favorite though. Chef Ken definitely does a much better job with his starters and other pasta dishes!


Spaghetti with Sea Urchin and Octopus with Bone Marrow, HK$268. Lovely!! I loved that they had so much sea urchin in this and the spaghetti was drenched in a great tangy, sweet tomato-y sauce.


A fruity cleanser palette for us! We also split a tiramisu (but my picture was a little blurry so I didn’t include it.)


And a special dessert from the chef!! Thank you Chef Ken.

Palco Ristorante | 2/F, The Phoenix, 23 Luard Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong | (tel:) 2618 8383


Lots of <3, Jess