Cheese Heaven in Caprice Bar

Cheese Heaven…!!!!! I’m not joking about this place. Before I delve more into Caprice Bar…let me tell you a little bit about its neighbour/partner? I’m sure for most of us living in Hong Kong, we’ve all heard about the luxe and extravagantly grand, french fine dining establishment: Caprice….well a few brisk steps over is Caprice Bar. A safe haven offering delicious milky wines, drinks and cheese (along with other bar/entrees).


Beautiful view! We went into the luxe lounge and sat right in front of the giant floor to ceiling windows. 🙂


Two glasses of Gevrey Chambertin V.V. Dom. Geantet Pansiot 2009 (Pinot Noir). $240/glass. This went down our throats like milk…soooo good!


Drink up and soak up the sunshine...and wine 😉


Pick your bread! I really liked the hearty, crunchy baguette bread along with the delicious salty and milky butter.


‘A bit of Everything’ Cheese platter. $370. So, I heard to try out this cheese platter and I was absolutely delighted with how much beauty, yumminess and cheesiness this platter had! But my favourite was their specialty..the Comte Cheese…More about that a bit later!




Such pretty-ness, I cant seem to get enough!


Two more Bloody Mary’s for me!! I’m a big fan of this spicy cocktail that packs a punch….yummy! 😀 Favourite cocktail…or a Gin & Tonic.

Caprice Bar was soooo good…I went back again another early evening….


But this time, I only had the Comte platter……Aged Comte (aged 4 years) Cheese Platter. $320. A must try for all the cheese fans! Its amazingly good. And, theres a characteristic crunch of lactic acid crystals thats soooo awesome! LOVE this! You just have to try it for yourself.


I shall be back! 🙂 Caprice Bar.

Caprice Bar. 6/F Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central. Tel: 3196-8860. No bookings taken at Caprice Bar.

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<3 Always, Jess