Che’s Dim Sum

Che’s Cantonese Restaurant is a frequent dim sum spot for Local Hong Kong’ers. The delightful egg tarts (Top 5 Egg Tarts post), piping hot fresh pineapple char siu bao, and crispy bok cha are anything and everything to get me to keep coming back! Che’s is located on a busy crowded bar row in Wan Chai..but nicely (low-key)  situated on the 4th floor of The Broadway Building…its anything but a bar. Busy, busy, busy. Even at 11:30am…the place was queing up with people…the hint of laughter, chatter and scent of fragrant dim sum dishes filled the entire room…YES! Oh yes, we were ready for this dim sum feast…LETS GO!


酥皮叉燒餐包, Crispy Pineapple Buns w/ a sweet BBQ Pork middle..These babies are one (if not) of the most important things on the menu! The crispy, crunchy and delectably sweet outer layer with a slightly burned top, a sweet buttery aroma and lastly I loved the amazing sweet bbq pork filling which was piping hot.


薄罉, Thin, deep fried, oh so crunchy egg crisp!! This was another AMAZING dish. On one visit…we went through 3 plates…for 3 people, and it was only mostly the 2 of us eating it. Crispy, thin, crunchy deep fried goodness w/ a slight hint of garlic, onions, and green onions.


蛋撻, Egg Tarts, perfectly baked mini delectable egg tarts. Full of flavour, egg, buttery center and don’t get me started on the perfectly flaky outside.


白雲鳳爪, steamed chicken feet w/ vinegar sauce...SO GOOD. I realllly like “Phoenix Claw”… the chicken feet were fresh, with juicy chicken skin that was fun to pick up and gobble up! 🙂 PS: You can also order braised chicken feet in a chilli and black bean sauce. (Also, GOOD!)


Pan-Fried Meat Cake, these were probably the least memorable of the bunch, and they were still darn good, just liked the other stuff more!! Thinly pan-fried meat cake patties.


Sauteed Vegetables w/ Abalone & Sauce, the usual creamier saucy vegetables with small plump pieces of abalone.


Spinach in Broth w/ lots of Goji, I loved this actually! Nice, light, healthy…haha made me feel healthier, and had lots goji inside. I especially like goji in soups and with a nice steamed chicken…but the spinach was just the right amount of greens that I needed.


餃子, Fried Glutinous Dumplings w/ Mushrooms, Pork & Carrot, nothing better during dim sum then some deep fried glutinous dumplings. A mix of salty and sweet….I love these delightful hot poppers! Filling for sure, AND I loveeeee the filling.


餃子, Steamed Vegetable Glass Dumplings, The skin was perfectly thin, stuffed with a hot sizeable amount of delicious various vegetables!


Fish Head Noodle Milky Soup…Bad description. But AWESOME! This soup was absolutely scrumptious. The milky soup had so much flavour, seasoning and taste. It smelled heavenly, and the fish head was awesome. I know this might not sound good. But it was AND so healthy for you.


Rich Dumpling, Abalone Soup Broth, I’ve never been the biggest fan of soups… but since coming to HK, I know someone who LOVES chinese soups (and has since made me a fan of soups)…and they always order this soup. Making good chinese soups is a tool. It’s definitely a craft. The delicate homemade dumpling so easily contained the pork, veggie filling…the broth was fragrant, tasty and oh so savoury.

Che’s is a great place for dim sum! Make sure you reserve a spot during lunch…and come with a group…the more the merrier. You can split everything! 😉

Che’s Cantonese Restaurant | 4/F, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai,  Hong Kong | Tel: +852 2528 1123 |

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<3 Always, Jess