Cissy Jie

I’m blessed beyond belief. My cousin Cissy Jie recently celebrated her birthday… 🙂 And, boy do I have stuff to say about this woman.

Simply put, she’s one of the most remarkable people person I’ve ever met. When you meet her. You won’t ever forget her.


She’s whip- smart, sophisticated, gorgeous, stunning, loving, encouraging, supportive, bright, loyal, sassy, spontaneous, a leader and a big ball of fire, etc!!


Yu Jie, Niba, Nima (Auntie) and Cissy Jie really took care of me, welcomed, supported, and guided me when I moved to HK.


Thank you Cissy Jie, for everything!! From this year’s Fild Aid Gala…..


To the Film Aid Luncheon (post) where I met Lily Collins!!!!!


To my First Big Hong Kong film!!! It’s been a dream.


To countless family dinners with Yu Jie, Cissy Jie & Abu!!! <3  Love Love Love….


Thank you for everything, Cissy Jie. I love you so much.

I look up to her ridiculously much. She’s one of my biggest role models and also the person who gave me the idea for this blog... For over a year…I’ve been blogging, food loving and documenting all due to her advice a little over a year ago. So, thank you. For helping shape me into the person I am today. I’m still constantly learning, changing and growing and I’m seriously glad to have you in my life to be here with me. Love you so much. Happy Birthday and here’s to an excellent year for of happiness, health, love, growth, and so many blessings!! And cheers to numerous more birthday cakes to come!!! Love you, Cissy Jie.


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FREE COFFEEEEEEE!!! @ Starbucks in HK & Central Station!! GO GO GO!!!

Have a beautiful and blessed week!!! <3

<3 Always, Jess