Cocktail Tasting at Bar Gen Yamamoto in Japan

Bar Gen Yamamoto is known to have some of the best cocktails in Tokyo. As a cocktail lover I was really excited to try this place. This experience was during my FIRST trip to Tokyo from last year!Let’s get to this highly buzzed about cocktail tasting at Bar Gen Yamamoto in Japan.

Once you go inside, you find a homely and warm space with a giant counter top seating 8 people (looking quite similar to an omakase sushi counter.) In lieu of fresh sushi being served at this counter, you find an array of refreshing Japanese fruit cocktails instead.

You can order individual drinks but they offer a special experience of a 4 or 6 drink tasting set.

We picked the 6 course cocktail tasting set (a bit pricier!) Above is a picture of what’s to come.

The first drink’s specialty is citrus. The delicious citrus cocktail was paired with lemon, pomelo hybrid (konazu) and a barley based soju. Simply fantastic.

 Next up was tomato with sparkling cider and chamomile flower. I loveeeee tomatoes and the fact that this drink is mostly made up of very sweet tomatoes was super cool.

Our 3rd drink was the golden summer orange and an apple based gin from Normandy France with rhubarb and green tea served cold. This was my least favorite out of the bunch only cause I love oranges and all the other fruit cocktails really wowed us in flavor.

 Pineapple from Okinawa and Yamasaki whiskey came next. I’m not usually the biggest fan of whiskey (I find it too strong) but this was sweet and soothing.  One of my favorite drinks of the night being whipped up by Yamamoto.

WATERMELON with sweet potato based soju, kinako (which is a green bean powder) with some homemade mochi served with a spoon. This had a lovely slushy like texture mixed nicely with the moist and chewy mochi balls.

The sixth and final drink.

A beautiful cantaloupe drink with milk based vodka. Refreshing, sweet and surprisingly creamy.

Everything was fantastic except the portion of the cocktail glasses is quite small! The bill came out to 15,000 JPY (~ HK$1,100) for a 6 drink cocktail tasting at Bar Gen Yamamoto for KK and I. As you can see this is an oldie post from May 2017! Definitely a fun cocktail experience for all you cocktail lovers.

Bar Gen Yamamoto | Japan, 〒106-0045 Tokyo, Minato, Azabujuban, 1 Chome−6−4 

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