Cocotte is one of the newest French restaurants to open up. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this place…so during one HK holiday…we decided to go check it out for lunch. I thought the lunch price was pretty reasonable and I liked the space! I didn’t go for dinner though, which is what I usually like to write about…since I get to eat and try more of the food! 😉


What do you fancy for lunch? We both went for the EXPRESS desserts.IMG_3313

Bread for the table.


I went with the cold soup...gazpacho medley, with lots of veggies. I loved the strong tomato fragrance and refreshing aftertaste!


Steak tartare with truffle egg yolk and sour dough croute..which came out a bit questionable. The colour was a bit brown….but after reassuring us that this would be normal….I devoured a bite or two and it really was pretty darn tasty! Especially that secret sauce in that jar. Delicious!


I ordered the codfish mediterranean style with spiced ginger polenta, ratatouille, and red beet reduction as my main. The presentation was really beautiful, but as I tasted the codfish…it was really overly salty,…to the point that the ginger polenta (which has a soft, mild taste to it) became the only thing I really liked about this dish. :/


The steak frites…the fries were really tasty, along with that mustard sauce but the steak itself was a bit overcooked…I think overall the food still needs a bit of improvement but the service, atmosphere was really good. Worth a try??! I think so…just hope next time the mains would be better…or maybe I just ordered wrong….

Cocotte, 9 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2568 8857



<3 Always, Jess