Coffee break at Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Singapore

What to do after a glorious peking duck feast in Singapore? Why you EAT some more!!! We were all so full but wanted to go to a more local coffee spot so we settled on the super popular Singaporean chain Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Ya Kun started as a very tiny, local and yummy family owned chain in 1944 and now has grown into an incredibly large franchise.

They’re most known for their kaya toasts, soft boiled eggs and super strong coffee. We ordered a crispy kaya toast to share but was a bit disappointed since the bread was barely crispy. The kaya jam was damn good. But perhaps we were all a bit too full from our heavy lunch to really enjoy this.

NOW…the coffee was great. It kicked us all awake. Strong, bold, rich and extremely flavorful.

We all ordered one… 🙂

The coffee process…right before our eyes.

A lil’ brief look at their menu! Expect more travel, food and lifestyle blog posts coming to you, SOON!

Ya Kun Kaya Toast | Orchard Central, B/F, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore |

Peace, Jess #seewithjess #eatwithjess