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If you’ve been on my blog in the past month- it’s very easy to know I’m on a quest to Eat Clean, Train Mean, and Be Lean (post).

Why? To feel better. To be better. To live better. I don’t want to be one of those repetitive health activists. But honestly its done wonders for me. I’ll get more in details with that story another day. But I have Cissy Jie (post) to thank for. She gave me the first push. For this blog and for my current lifestyle change (post). 

I was feeling dragged down for a while. Tired, restless and even down at times. I started eating more healthy, being active and generally just taking better care of myself and for once I do actually care whats going inside my body. I don’t want to be putting greasy, fried, fatty or processed foods in my body (at least not that often). Which, I was. I believe everything good happens in moderation. And so far I can not embrace this change any more wholeheartedly!!!

Don’t get me wrong…it’s hard. SO HARD at times. I wanted to eat this at Sunday’s Blessed Post-Church Dinner…..


Yummy Yummy as big as my face hamburger at Ruby Tuesdays.


Instead I went with the much healthier but just as big as my face Chicken Terriyaki! (And, I removed the skin… 🙂 I did however have a bite of Marco’s burger (everything in moderation)…and boy was it juicy, yummy, and still as big as my face! But in the end…I know its something I’d probably regret if I had engulfed the whole thing….

Which brings me back to this video.

That blessed Sunday, very randomly a few of us decided to have an impromptu jam session (Thanks Clement for having me over) while Marco (who also has an awesome blog-HK BLESSINGS) and I worked on our blogs and work stuff…one thing led to another…but Shinn K at Adventures Studios worked his videography magic. And, voila is 15 minutes in what would have probably taken me 4-5 hours (NO joke). Then, Marco continued to help edit it with me to bring you what it is, today.  And, we worked really hard on it… and I just want to thank you guys so much! I’m very lucky with these things…Modha (Global Frag) helped me create this entire blog/website/layout…everything!! THANK YOU for that… Seriously.

And, last but not least..THANK YOU READERS YOU GUYS ROCK!!! <3 I hope you like what you see…and you can betcha there will be many more from where this is from. Let me know if there’s anything special you would like to see!!! <3 Have a beautiful and blessed day everyone!! PLEASE SHARE THE LOVE!!!! 

One last thing….I’m partnering up with TABLE FOR TWO HK  is starting a revolution ….(which I’ll share more in my next post…) For now. Please send TFT HK a photo of a healthy meal on Facebook in order  to donate a nutritious meal to schoolchildren suffering from malnutrition via TFT programs, as well as get a chance to win a voucher with one of their partner restaurants.


Thanks TFT. You guys are awesome.


Around the world, 1 billion suffer from malnutrition, while 1 billion suffer from overnutrition. Table For Two works to balance the global food equation.


Which also brings me to my healthy meal pic of the day!! #bitforachange…. SUPPORT!  





<3 Always, Jess