Cute Gudetama Dim Sum at Dim Sum Icon

Cute Gudetama Dim Sum at Dim Sum Icon! Gudetama is finally here at 点心代表 at The One. I went a while back for some yummy yum cha! I loveeeee getting dim sum. Every week or so I have it at least once or twice a week (sometimes more!!) You can check out some of my older blog posts here: Dim Sum Square, One Harbour Road, and Che’s Dim Sum to name a few. Alright, let’s get to Dim Sum Icon already! IMG_8461

Gudetama baked buns with barbecued pork $49. Look how cute these are!!! There was a little mishap with one of them but they quickly brought us back a new batch. The barbecued pork buns were hot, crispy and oh so cute.


Steamed shrimp with vegetable dumplings $29.


Deep Fried Minced Chicken Dumplings $29. I really liked these!! These were sooooo cute and I loved the glutinous skin that cased the minced chicken filling! Delicious.


Steamed beef and coriander rice roll $39. You can never go wrong with rice rolls. We went with the beef rice roll instead of the usual shrimp rice roll because we ordered a lot of shrimp dishes. The rice roll texture was extremely silky and smooth.


Gudetama chocolate buns….. Oozing melted chocolate inside….poke a small hole and watch it gush out. (Tip: poke it at the back/butt!) These were quite good and definitely very Instagram-worthy! Be careful though-these are super hot so watch out for the way it oozes out!! :O


Gudetama egg yolk buns $49. These were bomb. I loved the egg custard filling inside!! Again, be warned….I practically burned my tongue. The egg custard filling is dangerously hot.


Steamed beef balls with bean curd sheet $29. These were okay (think we were tooooooo full,) definitely come here for the other dim sum dishes!


Deep fried shrimp with bread crumbs $49. I really enjoyed the fried crispy outer crumbs!!


Steamed pork dumplings topped with scallop Gudetama $59. These were delicious. I started feeling a little guilty though about eating these cute pieces after a while.


Steamed rice with chicken and cordycep flowers $42. This is another dish I think I’ll pass on next time. We were plenty full from all the cute Gudetama dim sum dishes! Dim Sum Icon also has another branch that opened in Central featuring the ‘Little Twin Star’ characters. Guess I’ll be making a stop over at the Central branch. 🙂

Dim Sum Icon |Shop L308, 3F |100 Nathan Road, TST |尖沙咀彌敦道100號The ONE 3樓L308號舖 | 28851345


XO, Jess