Date night at Michelin starred St. John in London

KK had just arrived in London and was a bit on the jet lagged side. So we made an early reservation for date night at Michelin starred St. John in London! I had been wanting to try this place since I first heard about it from my sister – she had raved about it!

We all flew into London for my sister’s wedding and it was a great few days with my sis (the bride to be) and Mama and Papa Jann.

KK landed very early that morning and after buffet breakfast at the hotel we were staying at we decided to go for a tour to the TOWER OF LONDON , BABY! After some Jann Clan family time, we went back to the hotel to rest before heading over to St. John for dinner.


We are finally here!! We made a 6:30pm reservation (thank goodness) and we were both famished already. We had a really early morning and did a lot in a day (or it was the jet lag.)

The casual bakery and bar area. Eventually on the right hand side you see a set of staircase that leads you to the dining area.

DINNER IS SERVED! As you can see for yourself from the menu this is quite a late post.

Roast bone marrow and parsley salad for £9.50 ~ HK$95. Scroll down to the next picture to see it in all it’s glory.

HOLY MOLY. Full of intense flavors and fatty juiceeeees. You have to pick a little of everything: bone marrow, onion and parsley all jammed pack on the piece of sourdough bread and then chomp down in one bite!

Potted Beef and pickled prunes £8.70 ~HK$88. Out of the whole night this was my least favorite. The pickled prunes was very saucy and heavy. 

Roast Middle White, Broad beans and trotter £25.20 ~HK$255. This was delicious and juicy. The thick cut of ham had this nice rich flavor and I really enjoyed the crispy skin. The broad beans and trotters were a great light side to go with this dish.

Side of veggies! 

I really enjoyed my time in London.

Brown Bread and Marmalade ice cream £8.00 ~HK80. OH WOW. This was hands down my favorite thing. I must warn you it is a very heavy and big dish but we managed to stuff it all down. Great dessert.

Burnt Sheep’s yoghurt pudding, prune and armagnac with ice cream £8.50 ~HK$85. After scarfing down the ice cream dessert I was stuffed to the brim. I tried a bit of it but would have opt to skip this. 

Overall it was a great dinner! Worth the hype. 

And as we left the restaurant and walked outside it was still bright out! Gosh London, you sure are beautiful in the summer time. Until next time. I WILL BE BACK. 

ST JOHN | 26 St. John Street, Smithfield, London, EC1M 4AY 


Lots of <3, Jess from eatwithjess