Dining at NoMad in New York!

Dining at NoMad in New York! I looooooooooved my brief three days in NYC. You can read about my NYC pizza hunt post here. On my very first day in NY- My cousin Johnny and his girl friend Noor took me to an awesome exquisite Mediterranean restaurant & bar called NoMad situated in NoMad Hotel. It serves authentic French cuisine with a twist in the Flat Iron District.


We walked inside and noticed the spacious and beautiful space (there’s about four different rooms you can actually dine/drink in) with a beautiful sweeping skylight. The parlor and bar was already buzzing with noise, chatter and the aroma of delicious dishes at around 6:15pm.


I went with the Koala Pear | New American Gin, Pear Eau De Vie, Cocchi Americano, lemon, eucalyptus, bay leaf, sparkling mineral water, US$16. This was refreshing, citrus-y and super fresh. Drank it all up!


We started with Brussel Sprout salad with green apples, bacon and hazelnuts, US$18. This salad was a nice and light starter with a burst of fresh flavors. There was a lot of zing and tart (from the green apples!)


We also shared the Seared tuna tartare with radishes and capers, US$25. This was really appetizing. The top of the tuna was lightly seared but underneath the sear was juicy and sweet. Such a delicious tuna tartare.


Fresh, hot onion bread. The crust and texture of this loaf of bread is incredible. We finished the whole loaf up before any of the other dishes arrived.


They also gave us two slices of this gluten free bread- dab a swab of the whipped butter and you are good to go.


We had to order the famous roast chicken for two (or for four) at The NoMad, US$89. This is Michelin starred Chef Daniel Humm’s 2nd restaurant in New York. Daniel Humm’s buzz worthy dish is spectacular. Under the perfect glistening chicken skin is a lather of decadent and rich foie gras and black truffles. The fragrant and rich aroma of foie gras and black truffle was intoxicating. I can NOT wait to dive in.


The dark meat is then put onto a separate plate and mixed with cauliflower, lentils, brioche and currants. This was absolutely scrumptious. The dark chicken meat was rich, tender and incredibly juicy. It went great with the mix of textures and flavors of the accompanying sides. (I’ve saved the chicken breast plate for last….scroll down!)


We also ordered the Suckling Pig confit with cabbage, pears and boudin noir, US$40. This was a little pricy for the portion size (I mean look at the roast chicken!) Out of all our dishes…this was my least favorite. The crispy and crunchy skin was terrific, but the pork meat and  sweet and savory sauce was just alright.


Overall it was an excellent dinner. What a perfect first meal in New York!! 🙂 I wanted to try so much more….but that’s for another time!! <3 I love NY!


As I promised, the best for last. This is the chicken breast plate and it was sooooooooo good. The chicken breast was perfectly cooked and loved the rich and flavorful sauce that accompanied the chicken. NoMad’s famous roast chicken really is worth all the rave!

NoMad Restaurant | 1170 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 | b/t 27th St & 28th St, Flatiron | (347) 472-5660

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Lots of <3, Jess